Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen Shot And Robbed

One of Denmark’s most well known  poker players, Theo Jorgensen has been recovering in a hospital after being wounded at his home in Greve, Denmark during a robbery. The PokerStars Team Pro is said to have been shot three times by three masked men as they demanded even more cash than he had already given them.

Various reports have suggested that the three men managed to force themselves into his home and demand that the poker player gave them money. He gave them an amount which is believed to be around €5,000, this however didn’t satisfy the three masked men.

He was then shot in the leg three times by one of the robbers, though reports have indicated that these injuries are thankfully not a threat on his life.

Mrs Jorgensen Forced To Watch!

Jorgensen’s wife had to endure the ordeal of watching her husband get shot on three separate occasions and was the person who called the police once the men decided to leave. Police soon arrived and a forensic search was made as well as trained dogs and search teams sent around the local area for the three men.

No clues have been found as of yet with regards to where these men might be, but the police did release their descriptions which were given to them by the Jorgensen family. All three men are between the heights of 170cm – 180cm and are of medium build.

• The first man was wearing a dark coloured jacket, grey trousers and light coloured footwear whilst he was also carrying a white bag.

• The second man was wearing a hooded jacket that is believed to be grey in colour and some dark coloured trousers.

• The third man was clothed in a grey jacket, grey trousers and some white coloured footwear, this man was said to be armed with what has been described as a submachine gun.

Obviously with this incident so fresh, the full details have yet to be revealed in detail but it is thought that he may have been shot due to not having as much money on the premises as the robbers were expecting, so in essence he was shot as punishment.

He has since released an update on his Facebook page, insisting that he is ok and that he had always been prepared for an event like this ever occurring. He says he never has too much cash lying around his property.

We here would like to send Theo and his family our thoughts and our best of wishes. We hope Theo has a speedy recovery after what must have been an extremely traumatic experience for both him and his wife.