Texas Holdem Remains Firm Favourite for 2012

player playing texas holdem

Texas Holdem is the game to play

Anyone who enjoys playing poker will know that Texas Holdem is the poker variety of choice. Where most people played five card draw or stud poker at first, it’s the holdem games that seem to have them captivated these days.

This poker variant has drawn thousands of people to online poker sites around the world, a game that relies on just as much luck and skill adding to the thrill and excitement of the game. It appears that in 2012 this game is the one to top the list for players everywhere, yet again.

What Makes Texas Holdem So Popular?


More people are joining online poker sites each day; the game of choice is the holdem games. There are two varieties of holdem games offered on the larger poker sites; these are Texas holdem and Omaha.

While there are still many other variants of poker available online, it’s the Texas holdem that has them coming back for more. This is a game that requires some skill and a lot of luck; it’s the one poker game that is so easy to learn enabling new gamers to start playing within minutes. It only takes a few games to master the art of the game, even though a strategy still needs to be put in place, the player can still win within a few tries.

This game has become so popular it’s now played online, in casinos and at world championship poker tournaments.

How Is Texas Holdem Played?

Texas Holdem is an exciting game to play. Every hand is different, every opponent is different and every table you sit at is different. The game starts with each player receiving two faces down cards. These are called the hole cards and are only visible to the player that receives them. Once betting for that round is complete the dealer then places three cards face up in the centre of the table, these cards are for everyone to use. Once betting for that round is complete, another face up card is added to the table and again betting begins.

Once the final fifth face up or community card is dealt, the aim is to get the highest ranking hand using both the hole and community cards, once betting is complete the winner walks away with the pot.

As you can imagine this game can go anyway, you can remain in the game until the fourth hole card is on the table, fold and then find the fifth card could have won you the game. This is why this game is so thrilling; you never really know what is going to happen.

The Difference between Texas Holdem and Omaha

There are two varieties of holdem games, Omaha requires a little more skill than Texas Holdem, while played the same way using hole and community cards, the player is dealt four hole cards rather than two.

Out of all the cards dealt the player is to make the highest ranking hand using two hole cards and three community cards. This is also a thrilling game and is increasing in popularity as players master Texas Holdem and look for a more challenging game to play, though it hasn’t caught up to the Texas Holdem popularity yet.

Other Options

While there are the holdem options available at both casinos and online poker sites, there are other games available to choose from, you are not restricted to the games you are allowed to play.

Most of the larger poker sites will also offer the popular draw games, such as five card draw, which has always been a favourite and the stud games, such as seven card stud, which never loses its appeal.