The 1st PokerStars Supernova Of 2013 Is A Real Wice Guy

We mentioned in a story the other day that there would be some unique prizes on offer for the first players to make it to Supernova and Supernova Elite status on PokerStars; well we were never expecting that the first player to make Supernova status would take less than just 40 hours.

Alex “AWICE” Wice managed that feat, with it being the fastest Supernova achievement of all time. He was looking to win the “Race To Supernova” contest that PokerStars had put on, with him and fellow player “MouldyOnions” deciding to go heads up in an attempt to be the very first player to not only reach Supernova, but also Supernova Elite.

They literally waited for the clock to click past midnight on New Year’s Eve before going full steam ahead, they were practically equal on VPP’s the whole way through for the next 40 hours. As it turned out, it was Wice that managed to attain the status first, beating his opponent by just 6,000 VPP’s.

The initial target was 100k in VPP’s to attain Supernova status, though the big target is to be the first player to reach the 1 million VPP mark for the Supernova Elite status.

Wice has since said that to make the achievement, he was playing at 50 tables at one time, with gallons of sweat literally pouring from his hands the whole way through. Though this is a great feat in its own right, there has still been a player to achieve 100k VPP’s in a faster time, with that player being the PokerStars Team Pro George Lind who did it all in just one day through playing satellites for the WCOOP.

Wice’s Reward?

For his monumental effort, Wice will be given an extra bonus of 100k in FPP’s which can be spent on whatever he chooses from the VIP store at PokerStars, whilst he will also see his face on a special 2013 PokerStars pack of cards alongside a whole host of other top PokerStars players.

The race is certainly not over though, as he will now be looking to be the first to 1 million VPP’s to take down the big rewards on offer. The first player to reach Supernova Elite status will not only be given a day of his choice in which he can earn double the amount of both VPP’s and FPP’s, he will also become one of the face cards in that commemorative PokerStars deck of cards.

“MouldyOnions” is certainly not giving up either having stated that “he might have lost the battle, but he will not lose the war”.