The 2012 PokerStars European Poker Tour Main Event Day 1b – Record Numbers

As everybody expected, records have been broken yet again for this popular event. The 2012 PokerStars EPT Main Event first attracted 403 players for Day 1a and has now added to that on Day 1b with a further 670 to bring the total attendance to 1073.

That field made this €5000 buy-in event the biggest ever held at the Casino de Barcelona and in fact the whole of Spain, though it already was anyway.

Once the day was finished we had gone through eight extremely well fought levels and had been reduced to 370 from Day 1b. The bigger chips scores were players such as Guy Bachar with 193,100 in chips who was in second place; the player running in the number three spot was Samir Haded with 169,200 and sitting comfortable in fourth was Hila Dan Ionut who had amassed 168,400 chips.

Bachar only reached the top two of the leaderboard in the very last level that was played today, he achieved this by taking out PokerStars Team Pro Member Sandra Naujoks in a hand where he held Ac, 8c whilst she had an As, 6s.

Though it was still not quite enough to beat the current chip leader’s position who was Aku Joentausta with 236,200 chips.

As you would expect with a PokerStars backed tournament, the PokerStars Team Pro members were out in force, in fact there were around 20 of them who went into Day 1b. Most of them did quite well too, though there were a few inevitable exits amongst them. Bertrand Grosspellier, Dario Minieri, Nacho Barbero and Jonathan Duhamel were the ones to exit out of this event early.

Some Of The More Successful Team PokerStars Pros:

Theo Jorgenson – 129,000

Ivan Demidov – 100,800

Ville Wahlbeck – 89,600

Daniel Negreanu – 48,500

Ana Marquez – 45,000

Barry Greenstein – 20,800

There were a few more, though those were the more notable of the survivors so far. Of the other more notable names that are not connected to PokerStars, we had Gus Hansen, Nicolas Levi and Lucille Caily making it through to Day 2.

Not all of the big names managed to survive though, we had Chino Rheem leaving in the first level, Dan Shak running his Kings into Edy Sabats aces and after a long five month break from poker, Praz Bansi didn’t fair to well and was eliminated. On top of those we had Chris Moorman, JP Kelly, and Sam Chartier also departing early on. The runner up in the 50k High Roller Event Jc Alvarado also made an early exit.

When Day 2 gets underway, we will be there to bring you back everything that happens, the busts, the double ups and everything else poker related.