The 85th Billionth Hand Has Been Dealt On PokerStars

As was expected, Monday saw the 85th Billionth had dealt on the PokerStars online poker site which meant a healthy windfall for all of the players on the table that the hand was dealt to, it also meant an even bigger windfall for the player that managed to win that hand.

It occurred on a $0.002/$0.005 micro stakes table which would have been an even bigger boost for the players playing such low stakes.

Just before the hand was about to be played the play on the table paused for a while, whilst this was happening the whole of PokerStars was informed that the monumental hand was about to be played at the “Josephina” table. This led many railbirds swarming to the table to watch in anticipation to discover who would win the hand.

The six players at the table were soon informed that they were about to be dealt the 85th Billionth hand, it took a little while before each of the players had even worked out exactly what was going on, though as soon as they did the chat box was full of messages of love for PokerStars.

Of course with each player knowing that there was more at stake in this hand than just simply the pot, they all of course decided to try and win it. Any player who folded would be the biggest fool known to man, however th4ey all obviously went all in.

The total pot was $50.23 and the board came down as 7d,3c,kh,jd,8h and the winner of the hand was a Russian known as “som6873”, by winning that hand he not only won the pot but also a fabulous payout of $26,300. This was for being the winner of the 85th Billionth hand on PokerStars.

Each of the other players took home an equal share of $66,700, which works out at well over 10k a piece. Not bad for players who usually ply their trade on the micro stakes tables, the next question is will they now step up to higher stakes or withdraw the money as soon as possible?

I know which I would do, however different people have different circumstances in their lives and that kind of money could be extremely beneficial for something else other than poker.

Now we have just 5 billion more hands to go until the 90th billionth is dealt, which is predicted to be dealt later on in this year. The big one though is the 100 Billionth hand, the payouts on that hand are to be much bigger due to it being a bigger milestone. That hand is due to be4 won next year, so if anyone wants a chance at winning it, be sure to get playing on PokerStars.