The Big Names Have Fallen – WSOP Main Event Day 6

Day 6 started off just how Day 5 ended in the World Series Of Poker Main Event, with the big names in poker falling hard and fast.

Right from the get go in the early stages we lost Vanessa Selbst, Sam Holden, Gavin Smith and Jason Somerville. This has left us with 27 players who are relatively unheard of fighting it out for the bracelet everyone dreams of winning.

Gavin Smith was actually gone in one of the very first hands, he was a short stack anyway and pushed with his AQ only to be called by Eric Legoff with pocket Jacks. The coin flip went Legoff’s way and Smith was out in 94th place.

Victoria Selbst has already won herself a bracelet this summer; however the Main Event wasn’t to be another for her. She didn’t last too much longer than Smith and shoved all in hoping to take the blinds with Q7; Greg Merson smelt the bluff and called with an A8. Selbst was in front on the flop after pairing her 7, however her luck was not going to extend any further as Merson rivered a straight.

She finished in 75th place and took home $88,070 for her efforts over the last 5-6 days.

Somerville went just before the break in play; he went all in with QQ but was called and rather unluckily lost out to Jacob Balsiger’s K10. Holden on the other hand busted just after the break, he was hoping to make the final table for the second year in a row but eventually went out in 55th place and a prize of $124,384.

Hille And Baumann Still Looking To Break The Record Books!

Now that the more well known pro’s are out of the tournament, for the two remaining women players Elisabeth Hille and Gaelle Baumann this could be the year when one of them finally becomes the first woman to win the WSOP Main Event. Only one woman has even managed to get to the final table, Barbera Enright way back in 1995.

Hille is sitting on a very nice stack of 9.7 million chips and is currently ranked 5th on the leader board, whilst Baumann is still in with a shout as she has 5.5 million and ranks in 20th place.

However it was the French Canadian Marc Ladouceur who ended the day as the front runner, with a staggering 15,870,000 chips, 3 million more than his closest rival Daniel Strelitz who has 12,790,000.

Robert Salaburu is a further 2million back in 3rd, whilst Russell Thomas holds 9,985,000 in 4th position. Many of us would struggle to recognize the players that are left in the Main Event, however that can only be good for poker as we start to become aware of some of the superstars for the future.

As we get ready to head in to the last day of the Main Event, we can be sure of some fireworks from the remaining players…and a bit of history too.