The Biggest Super Tuesday Payout Ever

Online poker is getting its fair share of attention at the moment with some of the biggest events happening on PokerStars backed up with some amazing prize pools. Today it was the Super Tuesday’s turn, putting on a $1050 no-limit Hold’em tournament paying out $111,321 to the winner.

Amazingly, the event pulled in a contingency of 589 fellow online poker players who, after registering, would eventually turn against each other on the virtual felt. Just before the action began the tournament instantly grabbed the headlines when the prize pool was announced at $589,000, which was close to doubling up on the original $300k guaranteed.

Last week, the Super Tuesday had pulled in an equally as large prize pool and the largest crowd ever with 597 registering. At the time it was thought to be a one off, but this week almost superseded that figure confirming the fact this tournament looks like it’s going to gain even more attention.

On top of this ground breaking news, the largest first place prize the Super Tuesday has ever put together was paid out in this event. When the last hand of the tournament was settled it was ‘bagoch’ who had steered his way up to the top of the prize pool payouts cashing in on $111,321. He’ll go into the record books for now, nevertheless with the prize pool just seen, and taking nothing away from ‘bahoch’s’ achievement, it is likely heads have been turned across the poker circuit.

With online prize pools rising up as high they are we may see some of the well-known live pros prodding around in some of these newly found high-paying tournaments and so you could be forgiven for saying that we can almost certainly expect ‘bagoch’s’ claim to fame for ‘the Super Tuesday’s highest paid winner’ to be over ran sooner rather later.

In the Action

All in all the Super Tuesday saw some interesting key points. The bubble burst on the 5 and a half hour mark leaving 72 contenders in the action with just under 90% of the field cleared out.

Later on the 6 hour break kicked in leaving “Opazzzo” in pole position leading with 168,144 stacked up alongside his screen name followed by 4redmun (148,455) and Chaaai (132,254) both in hot pursuit.

2 hours after the break and we had a new chip leader, Fishenzon, who had built up a tidy mountain of 700,000 chips.

Eight and a half hours into the tournament and the final table contenders had pulled up their seats with Fishenzon way out in the lead.

Final Table

Seat 1 Fishenzon 788,996

Seat 2 NeoForastero 120,331

Seat 3 Illini213 338,352

Seat 4 4rebmun 372,169

Seat 5 jedi9000 97,931

Seat 6 bagoch 522,896

Seat 7 mjw006 127,758

Seat 8 BetrThanPhil 405,448

Seat 9 KatePkrPro 171,119


When it got down to the final hand of heads-up there had been 11 hours of poker on the cards already and ‘bagoch’ was 2-1 ahead in chips. To finalise the deal ‘bagoch’ raised double the blind to 40,000 off the button and was challenged with an all in from ‘Fishenzon’. It seemed this was going to be a regular fold decision to the shove, but ‘bagoch’ snap-called without pause.


As the cards were laid down it was ‘bagoch’ who had Ah-Ad putting ‘Fishenzon’ at risk with almost an impossible task ahead of him. As the flop came 9c-3s-6d rainbow ‘Fishenzon’s flush hopes were dashed with either a runner of fours or jacks the only possibility of him staying alive.


Eventually, ‘Fishenzon’ was left drawing dead when the 6h came out on the flop and if he was in any doubt, by the time the river came he was convincingly beaten by a full house when the board sprung 9c-3s-6d-6h-6c with ‘bagoch’ having a winning hand of Ah-Ad-6d-6h-6c.


Super Tuesday Results


1st bagoch $111,321.00

2nd Fishenzon $81,586.50

3rd KatePkrPro $60,078.00

4th mjw006 $45,353.00

5th jedi9000 $31,806.00

6th BetrThanPhil $31,806.00

7th Illini213 $19,142.50

8th NeoForastero $13,252.50

9th 4rebmun $9,011.70