New Jersey Internet Gambling Bill – The Final Countdown

The sensitive issue is yet to be solved and time is quickly running out for New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who has to decide whether to sign the internet gambling bill or veto it. Some say that the deadline is on February 4, others believe that the governor has three more days to decide. Prominent members of Poker Players Alliance met on Tuesday with the governor, hoping to convince him of the overwhelming benefits of regulating the internet gambling in New Jersey.

The arguments in favour of the bill make perfect sense economically, and with Atlantic City revenue sinking to new lows year after year, the governor is hard-pressed to make the decision. PPA Executive Director, Pappas tried to convince Christie that the best way of saving Atlantic City is by passing the bill, because this would provide it with the means of getting back on track.

Pappas tried to highlight the importance of preventing New Jersey from falling behind other states, with Nevada being regarded as one of the most serious competitors. The issue of money is central in this debate, but there are ethical issues that the governor said he was overly concerned with. PPA officials claim that the regulatory process will only simplify the authority’s mission and will also meet poker players half way.

John Pappas and the PPA that he represents were not the only party to be invited to discuss the issue with the governor. Members of the local community are also deeply involved and their opinions towards the internet gambling bill are divergent to say the least. The reason for why the PPA officials are not very optimistic about what will happen in the first week of February is that the governor said that more people are calling against the bill than for it.

The significance of this act is considerable, which explains why the lobbyists are doing their best to convince Christie in the limited time that they’ve got left. The PPA is also mobilising its strong community of 20,000 and urges them to call the governor’s office asking him to sign the bill. Only time will tell how successful this approach will be, but Poker Players Alliance members have all the reasons to be perseverant.

In case the governor choses to veto the bill it might take a long period of time until another opportunity will arise, so it is imperative for poker players to seize the moment. Those who are supporting the bill and are willing to call the governor’s office should emphasise the fact that they are New Jersey citizens and voters. Time is quickly running out and if the poker community suffers a setback, the negative effects will be difficult to offset.