The ISPT – The Good And The Bad!

The ISPT or International Stadiums Poker Tour is gaining some of the most talked about hype of any tournament ever known throughout the history of poker. The main reason this is happening is because of the sheer size and grandeur of the proposal.

Many are not convinced that it will happen, though the organizers have already set the plans into motion and are constantly announcing that the first tournament will begin in May of 2013. Despite all this hype, there are still many that are simply not buying into it; they seriously do not think a poker tournament on this scale is possible.

This project is a joint one between Laurent Tapie and Prosper Masquelier, two very successful businessmen, but this project is going to take a monumental amount of work to make it happen. This is why we are going to have a little look at many of the concerns regarding this tournament whilst also looking at the positives they are actually making us firmly believe that this really could happen.

First off, the things that are giving people serious doubts:

• This is the same group that failed in the acquiring of Full Tilt Poker a while before PokerStars finally stepped in.

• Their website no longer claims that the ISPT will have a prize pool guarantee, which initially they did. This leads many people thinking they are obviously about struggling to attract enough players.

• Can they really attract 30,000 players to play in a tournament that has a buy in of £700?

• Additionally there are no online sites to back up the whole process, no backbone if you were.

• Then there is the infrastructure, they would have to have 30,000 tablet computers, all connected to the internet inside the stadiums.

• They would then also have to ensure that any player playing on the same table is sat nowhere near somebody else on that table…that in itself is a very difficult task to achieve.

You can see why many people simply do not believe this group will be able to pull off such an event; these doubts are creeping into more and more players by the week.

Now for some reasons people think it may be achievable:

• They already have satellites on the go, though only in Morocco for now. This at least means things are moving forward.

• They have snapped up the one and only Michael Mizrachi as the ambassador of the ISPT. This is obviously a very big move in the right direction. He is unlikely to have signed up to something that could possibly make him a laughing stock if things do not go right.

• The first venue of the event, Wembley stadium has confirmed that it has been booked for this event, another positive.

Well, we personally do hope it happens, however it will be interesting to see if they really can pull it off.