The London Poker Festival – Ghatge Wins The Unibet Open

The Big Ben

The London poker festival has been running along quietly over the past week or so, holding many side events and offering all kinds of different forms of entertainment, yet we have now seen one of the bigger events in the tournament played out.

This year the winner was British player Pratik Ghatge who is pretty well renowned in high stakes circles, though his tournament play has always caused him to be the nearly man. Well, now he has finally managed to win a major title after years of trying, the new Unibet Open Champ is also richer to the tune of $85,000.

The event lasted four days in which he had to navigate his way past a strong selection of players in the field before getting not only to the final table but to heads up and then to taking home the first place prize.

The rest of the players who reached the paying positions shared the remainder of the $275,000 with the winner who was born in London admitting that he did get quite fortunate on occasions by saying ” I did run pretty well today, straight from the off in fact. I also got a lot of hands and picked up lots of chips when it mattered most”

The Final Table!

Once the final table was set, Ghatge was actually sitting in third place overall in the chip counts with the only other UK based player Gavin Eley sitting in sixth. Eley actually went on to finish in a well deserved 3rd place to take home $43,090.

It didn’t take too long for the final table to be complete, within just a few hours there were just two players left. Ghatge and the Polish player Tomasz Kozub, in which the heads up session began in a very tight fashion as both players looked to pick their moments.

The play went on for more than an hour of which Kozub was trailing for the most part of it, however he eventually pushed all in whilst holding Qd-Ts. Ghatge had managed to build up quite a healthy lead by now and decided to call whilst holding the Ah-7h and the rest as they say is…history. The board didn’t help Kozub at all and Ghatge was the new Unibet Poker Champion.

Ghatge said” I’m so happy with the way that I played today, especially with my patience which has been my downfall in the past. Good things certainly do come to those who wait!”

He is already planning on how to spend the money, with a trip to Vegas with half of it to try his hand at some poker on that side of the pond.