The Online HighStakes Weekly Round-Up

The week just gone may not have been one of the busiest in terms of high stakes poker, yet it has certainly been up there with the most anticipated weeks in online poker. We had the new PokerStars owned Full Tilt Poker re-opening its doors which is surely the reason why the action has been a little on the quiet side.

Many players have been able to access their accounts and sort out how they are going to either transfer them, play with them or simply leave them where they are.

It was actually FTP that did deliver the most profitable player with regards to high stakes action online as “O Fortuna PLS” took down the most throughout the week with a total of $406k. He managed those profits in just two sessions, which ironically he took from two of the new ambassadors for FTP.

He managed to take $272k from Gus Hansen on the $1.5k/$3k Triple Draw tables and then another $130k from “Isildur1” just yesterday.

The Start Of The Week!

The week began as a slow one, with Monday obviously being the day before the big opening on FTP, yet “Odd_Oddsen” did manage to make a profit of $86k. By the end of the week however he had managed to lose all of that and actually ended up $130k down.

Tuesday of course saw Full Tilt open its doors once more and there was as expected a slight shift from the PokerStars high stakes tables to that of FTP due top players curiosity and of course newly returned funds. Gus Hansen had a poor start as he lost $350k that day whilst Viktor Blom did almost the opposite with profits of $300k.

Wednesday saw the biggest winner of the day shifting from FTP back to PokerStars as “Ilari FIN” scooped $274k to keep his roller coaster career being just that…a roller-coaster  He had been in the red for most of the year to the tune of $1.5 million yet one it all back and then some in one magical week last week. However this week saw him throw some of it away again as he lost around $700k, so the win on Wednesday and then another win the following day of $175k helped to repair the damage.

Thursday saw Viktor “Isildur1” Blom losing everything that he had won previously on the first couple of days since Full Tilt re-opened.

The weekend brought a lot of action as expected on both sites with Blom winning and then losing again, though all in all he is still just about up on his week of high stakes poker action.