The Online Movers And Shakers!

You may have noticed that Christmas is now just a few days away, with that obviously meaning that the high stakes action has slowed right down on both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. The player who has had the most success in the past week has been “SchoitI” after he took down a total of $394,679 profit for his weeks work.

He won almost double that of his closest rival and more than double the next two players in the list. “Seb86” was second on the profit list after taking home $222,001, whilst “Saniker” also scored a decent profit of $208.658k.

The Weeks Biggest Profits:

Schoitl – (+$394,679)

Seb86 – (+$222,001)

Sanlker – (+$208,658)

davin77 – (+$172,894)

S3 TRX – (+$171,307)


As so often happens with high stakes poker, the biggest winner from last week went on to become one of the biggest losers this week. “Isildur1” managed to bank more than a million last week, yet this week he struggled badly, he lost a total of $224,489 with only one other player losing more than him. “patpatpanda” actually took the unwanted accolade of being the player to drop the most money last week as dropped $321,340.

Another loser was Phil Ivey who has recently come back to FTP, he had started well during his first week, but the last week saw him drop a total of $207,246.

The Weeks Biggest Drops:

patpatpanda – (-$321,340)

Isildur1 – (-$224,489)

Polarizing – (-$207,246)

howisitfeellike – (-$200,068)

Sussie Smith – (-$173,891)

“Sauce123” has been at the top of the profit rankings for nearly half the year now, with him practically locking up the top profit title, unless something truly dramatic happens with just one week to go. He is sitting more than a million ahead of “Jeans89” in second place whilst “EireAbu” is a further $300k behind.

He has to be considered as one of the best poker players on the planet right now, especially with regards to the online format. It will be interesting to see if he can carry that same kind of momentum into 2013, with us certainly not betting against him doing just that.

The Biggest Profits Of The Year:

Sauce123 – (+$3,581,763)

Jeans89 – (+$2,505,151)

EireAbu – (+$2,176,527)

Ben86 – (+$2,151,956)

Kanu7 – (+$1,635,244)

ragen70 – (+$1,568,022)

bernard-bb – (+$1,488,484)

MrSweets28 – (+$1,417,998)

longerpig – (+$1,403,455)


So, just one week left until 2013, are we going to see much action? Not for the next couple of days we do not think, however once Christmas is out of the way we are expecting quite a flurry of action throughout the remainder of the week.