EPT Deauville High Roller Taken Down By Vojtech Ruzicka

Yesterday the 2013 PokerStars.fr European Poker Tour saw the Deauville High Roller event crown itself a champ with the title and €313,000.

Vojtech Ruzicka, a tongue twister for the commentators, came first in a win that starts Vojitech’s 2013 in style. The young Czech came through showing his amazing ability to play poker at any level and win playing in any style.

The last time he cashed was back in his last tournament appearance in the EPT San Remo where he wasn’t quite so successful taking home a 28th place win and €7,000. With a 1st place win to add to his collection this is a lightening start to the young man’s 2013 who has already matched his total 2012 career earnings of $261,489.

In his 3 years playing on the pro circuit he has pulled together an impressive packaged up bankroll worth $472,691 and has been improving year on year. One of his biggest claims to fame was in last year’s 43rd WSOP where he cashed 5 times out of 5 playing styles from Texas Hold’em No Limit to Pot Limit Omaha.

Day 3 saw Ruzicka fly through the final table knocking out Bryn Kenney and then picked off Martin Jacobson in 4th place eventually narrowing down the field to just 3. Heads up play soon came after both Reilly and Reard were on the edge of their seats holding suited hole cards and raring for the challenge of heads up.

The hand went in Reilly’s favour after Reard’s 9d-8d were dominated by Reilly’s jh-10h hand. After a 7h-9d-2c flop both players look to have grabbed a piece of the action, but with Reard catching the better of it after pairing top pair with his nines. Reilly was only drawing on an inside straight at this point with neither player pulling a flush draw out of the hat.

It was of course an all-in move from Reard that seemed like the sensible thing to do, but Reilly called confident his 2 over cards and gut shot would help him improve his hand on the turn or river. And so it was, when the turn and river pulled out a Qh giving Reilly more outs improving his gut shot into an open ended straight draw and putting him on a flush draw. Reard’s head must have dropped as Reilly had around 21 outs and a 42% chance. The river came 10d giving Reilly one of his over cards and taking down the pot.

Heads up was on between Ruzicka and Reilly with Ruzicka way out in front and looking like he was going to pick up his 1st title since the German Championship of Poker although at first Reilly was pushing on Ruzicka heavily dominating him wherever he could, but Ruzicka picked himself back up after pushing Reilly back with his J-J Vs Reilly’s 10-10.

The dent was too big for Reilly to pull back on and in a final hand where both players pre-flop limped in to a flop that showed 2h-6h-4d. Ruzicka flopped a straight ad was first to apply the pressure with 70,000 representing a move that looked like he was possibly trying to push off any flush chasers. Reilly called no doubt looking for another heart or to pair with one of his over cards to the board while completely oblivious to the fact he had run into danger.

Reilly hit the Js on the turn and it was curtains from here after Reilly shoved all in to Ruzicka’s 140,000 bet leaving Reilly drawing dead.

1. Vojtech Ruzicka €313,000

2. Rimothy Reilly €180,000

3. Alexandre Reard €105,700

4. Martin Jacobson €83,200

5. Bryn Kenney €64,100

6. Steven Silverman €47,500

7. Jonathan Duhamel €38,000

8. Alain Goldberg €28,500