The PokerStars Sunday Roundup

As per usual we are going to bring you all of the action that occurred on the world’s biggest online poker site PokerStars from Sunday. Each Sunday they host a selection of weekly tournaments that offer big fields, big prizes and big thrills. It culminates in the biggest weekly online tournament…The PokerStars Sunday Million.

This week saw another four players earning large six figure payouts on the virtual felt at PokerStars, with many of the biggest names in poker also delivering strong performances.

Pieter “JopperHarryN” van Gils was the biggest winner of the weekend after he managed to take down the Sunday Million earning $165,811,40 in the process. With regards to the many big names in poker, we saw Daniel “Garnerus” Gomez, Brandon “oncommand” Meyers and David “WhooooKidd” Baker all having strong performances by making final tables.

The Sunday Million $1 Million Guaranteed!

The Sunday Million did not disappoint once again as it completely smashed its prize pool guarantee to the tune of $1,275,400. This was achieved by having a field of 6,377 players, with Pieter “JopperHarryN” van Gils navigating his way past each and every one of them.

When he actually got to the final table he was the short stack, having just 15 big blinds to his name. He battled hard though to move his way up the order until he was eventually heads up. The final hand of the event came when he was holding the Ac-5d, whilst his opponent held the Ah-Qh. When your luck is in, it is in though as the board rolled out 10s-8h-6d-5c-Ad to give him two pair and the title.

The Final Standings!

*1 Pieter “JopperHarryN” van Gils $165,811.40

*2 gigibaston $151,743.82

*3 Nicl “NickGoff79” Goff $121,951.67

4 horserat $70,147

5 $trateGema $53,566.80

6 Daniel “Garnerus” Gomez $40,812.80

7 KKcrawlerKK $28,058.80

8 eamonn2009 $15,304.80

9 Luanto 14$9,884.35

The Sunday Warmup!

The second biggest event of the day attracted a healthy 3,187 players which created a prize pool of $637,400 which again easily beat the prizepool guarantee of $500k. The winner on this occasion was “Manta_Rays” who pocketed $100,072,70. Though there were some other notable players who managed to finish high up in the pay scale such as Jan Heitmann in 12th for $3,824,40 and the ever aggressive Dan “APowers1968” Colpoys who finished in 17th for a payout $1,912,20.

Manta_Rays $100,072.70

FEL777 $74,575.80

ELLA368 $52,585.50

superf1sh $36,650.50

Baverx $27,089.50

Mike “m8675309a” Adamo $20,715.50

iamtheboss12 $14,341.50

NCSU2012 $7,967.50

idvalentina $5,099.20

That’s it for another week on the biggest online tournaments, a few more players a much richer and many more are a little less well off. That’s poker and that’s the chances we take!