He Broke His Silence And Now Lederer Can’t Stop Talking

It seems that since Howard Lederer broke his silence in the exclusive interview with Pokernews, the floodgates have opened as he has more plans for interviews across the media circuit of poker.

He kept quiet for nearly two years with regards to anything to do with Full Tilt Poker saga with millions of players across the world desperately seeking some form of an explanation. He eventually decided to let people hear his apparent version of events in that famous exclusive with Pokernews last week which was known as “The Lederer Files”.

The video interview was released part by part during the week with seven parts in total, each with a separate topic of discussion. He was quizzed on topics such as what was happening before black Friday, during it, after it and about the massive shortfall the company had with regards to player deposits and actual cash in the bank. Additionally he discussed player loans and the fact that none of the players paid back what they owed and even one player receiving the same loan of $2million…twice.

Now it seems, he literally cannot shut up. He has already agreed to speak to a number of different poker mediums including on a podcast and to another poker site. He has agreed to speak to the 2+2 poker forum with players able to ask him questions directly by posting in the designated thread on the site.

It will be interesting to hear what he has to say this time, especially as the questions will be coming from fans and players alike.

The Original Interview!

It has been common knowledge that many players are far from happy with what was said in the interview with many of them speaking out against Lederer’s claims that he knew little about what was going on until it was too late. They also think that the interview made him out to be a white night whilst literally placing the blame on everybody else.

They also feel that he should be taking far more responsibility than he has done, considering that he answered to nobody and was the CEO. Many of the players that he has incriminated are rumored to be planning their own sides to the story, whilst some may even take further action.

It really does seem that this saga is far from over yet and is set to run and run, though we here are interested more in how the incriminated players will react to Lederer’s accusations. Of course as anything develops we will be right here to let you in on exactly what we know.