The Top 10 Weekly Winners Of The Online World

As another week of online play passes by, we will again take a look at just who are topping this week’s online earnings list. There are some of the usual names; however there have been a few big surprises this week.

With many players having returned from the WSOP, there has been an increase in online play. Perhaps many are trying to rebuild their bankrolls after a disappointing WSOP? Or perhaps some are trying to turn their cashes into even more.

Well this week we had an unknown new player who is registered from the UK, his player tag is Longerpig and he had an incredible week. He managed to earn over 700k, which is an excellent achievement even for the world’s best known players. He won more than half of this amount against Kaju85 in a heads up session, taking home $400k.

This is the second week in a row where we had a player absolutely storm in front of the weekly winnings chart. Nobody else was anywhere near Longerpig for this week’s cash earnings. Since Longerpig was first spotted just three months ago, he has won over $1 million, though it has to be said that two thirds of that amount was in this week alone.

EireAbu was in second place for the week, but a long way off with $220,000. He will not mind coming second this week though as he is still currently the biggest online earner so far this year with earnings of $3.3 million.

There were also a few players that we don’t normally see playing online often, English poker pro Neil Channing who normally prefers the live games managed to win $135k this week. Another pro who prefers the real thing was American Doug Polk who just earned over the $100k mark.

Of course the usual suspects were still there though, Jens Kyllonen won close to $100k, and Terje Augdal was also there too winning a similar amount. None of them could even get close to the phenomenal performance of Longerpig…in fact he was three times more successful than EireAbu who finished in 2nd place.

Here is the table for the most successful players online during this week.

1. longerpig: +$735,000

2. EireAbu: +$220,000

3. Sat1337en: +$155,0000

4. N Channing: +$135,000

5. St1ckman: +$108,000

6. LuckyGump: +$107,000

7. WCG|Rider: +$103,000

8. Jeans89: +$98,000

9. L0ve2playU: +$92,000

10. Terken89: +$90,000

Can any of them keep the run up going into next week? Could the unknown Longerpig keep up his astonishing run of good form? Whatever happens we will be the first to let you know!