The Top Weekly losers In The Online World!

Continuing on from our list of the top weekly online winners, it would be a good idea to also share with you the top weekly losers of the online poker scene during the last week. The players won’t be too happy about us sharing this information; nobody wants to have their failings displayed. However these same players will of course have no problems describing them making the top ten earnings.

It is no real surprise either that the top weekly winner Longerpig is the reason that Kaju85 is the biggest loser of the week. He was playing Longerpig heads up in a game of $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha; he ended up losing over $400k. Quite a setback for a player who was already having a pretty bad year, this loss has put him down half a million so far this year, though most of it in this week alone.

Coming in second of the losers this week is the Chinese born Frenchman Rui Cao, and though he has not played too much this year he logged in long enough this week to lose another 170k to bring his yearly losses to $400k.

Sahamies was next in line, and is quite expected of him really. He is a very inconsistent player who can win 400k one week, like he did last week, then can lose a load of money the next. This week he lost $116k which has brought his total losses for the year to $260k.

None of them come close to the biggest loser of the year so far, Phisherman36 had another bad week. He lost another $97k, though that is a huge improvement on last week’s loss of $775k. He is now extremely close to hitting the $1million dollar mark in losses.

Skjervoy had a surprisingly bad week by his standards too, going down $150k. This was the first significant loss of the year for him, though he will be pretty happy with his year so far.

This is the complete rundown of the week’s biggest online losers.

1. Kaju85: -$428,000

2. PepperoniF: -$168,000

3. Skjervoy: -$151,000

4. Thecortster: -$142,000

5. Ilari FIN: -$116,000

6. Gozoboro: -$113,000

7. Deldar182: -$104,000

8. Phisherman36: -$97,000

9. Moirhums: -$96,000

10. Duubadaaba: -$86,000

There is the list of shame for this week, though I am sure these players will step up their game and make marked improvements over the coming weeks. You cannot keep a good poker player down for too long, and that is the spirit of poker, you win some and you lose some.

Kaju85 for one will definitely want to forget this week, and we are sure he will make a dramatic improvement next week. However no matter what happens we will of course be on hand to bring you all of the gory details.