The Weekly GPI Update 22/11/2012 – The Race Continues

It’s the time of the week again where the Global Poker Index has released their top 300 tournament players from all across the world. This is all figured by the use of their calculation of each player’s tournament results over the past three years.

This week doesn’t see too much activity at the top as Dan Smith still heads the list as the year’s best tournament player so far, though he is being chased down heavily by Jason Mercier. The biggest change in the top ten was the fall of three places by Steve O’Dwyer; he was leapfrogged by Phillip Gruissem, Andrew Lichtenberger and Mike Watson and now sits in 8th place for the year.

The other players are as they were last week, with no new entries into the top ten.

The Current Top Ten Tournament Players!

Dan Smith – 3,041.92

Jason Mercier – 2,891.05

Marvin Rettenmaier – 2,702.56

Bertrand Grospellier – 2,682.86

Andrew Lichtenberger – 2,450.24

Mike Watson – 2,445.48

Steve O’Dwyer – 2,431.90

Phil Hellmuth – 2,421.95

David Sands – 2,409.74

With just six weeks to go until the end of the year, Jason Mercier will be hoping to take down a tournament or two within that time in an attempt to take the title of the GPI Tournament Player Of The Year away from Dan Smith.

This all of course depends on whether Dan Smith himself does not record any more notable scores himself.

It is looking increasingly unlikely that it will be any of the other players in the top ten that will be able to make a challenge for that top spot, though Marvin Rettenmaier could pull it off if he has an outstanding last few weeks, hoping that the top two record no additional points whatsoever.

Falls From Grace!

There were a number of big name players that fell quite a few places down the rankings of the top 300, with players such as Dominik Nitsche falling from 187th to 220th, David Vamplew from 117th to 160th and Galen Hall dropping 38 places from 88th to 126th.

On the flip side there were some players who made some huge leaps up the rankings such as Noah Schwartz climbed 44 places up to 21st, Matt Waxman who jumped 31 places into 74th and John Racener leaping 36 places into 188th.

With there still a few tournaments to go before the end of the year, there is still plenty of opportunities for players to make a late push up the rankings. We will be keeping an eye on any significant movements and will bring you an update next week, when they release their update rankings.