The Weekly High Stakes Update!

The action has been running along nicely as usual over at the high stakes tables of Full Tilt Poker and of course PokerStars, with us happy to be bringing you an update on all of the last week’s worth of action.

The biggest winner of the week just gone was “Rui Cao”, though it was mainly down to the highly reported $1 million challenge he placed at the feet of “Patrik Antonius”. He won the first of three encounters to pocket $330k of his weekly winnings.

The Weeks Highest Profits!

“Rui Cao” – $646,984

“Seb86” – $458,846

“Alexonmoon” – $449,503

“mTw-DaviN” – $412,088

“GVOZDIKA55” – $406,589

“Sauce1234” – $386,667

“trex313” – $230,936

The player that had the worst drop this week was “Isildur1” as he has struggled to recapture the form he showed in the early part of January. If he doesn’t get a lid on his losses, he will soon lose everything he won during that period. He lost a total of $850,292 during the last week, a good $300k more than “Patrik Antonius”.

The Weeks Biggest Drops!

“Isildur1” – $850,292

“Patrik Antonius” – $523,946

“PostFlopAction” – $498,855

“Ben86” – $339,250

“Polarizing” – $244,160


All of these wins and losses throughout the week have obviously had a big impact on the yearly figures. With the player that now sits at the top of the profit stakes being “SallyWoo” with $1,585,616. This is due to the losses incurred by “Isildur1” this week.

It is still early in the year though and it is going to be entertaining stuff watching how the players grow and fall throughout the year.

The Years Highest Profits So Far!


“SallyWoo” – $1,585,616

“Isildur1” – $1,572,460

“OMGClayAiken” – $1,453,196

“PostFlopAction” – $990,667

“Bttech86” – $941,950

“ronnyr37617” – $941,304

“1Il|1Il|1il|” – $663,296


As far as the biggest losses so far this year, the man that sits at the top will be wondering what he has been doing so wrong this year. In a contrast to 2012 where he finished at the top of the profits list with around $4 million for the year, “Sauce1234” has now lost a third of that total in just the first five weeks of 2013.

He is usually so consistent; however we do still believe that he will get things going in the next couple of months to pull himself back into profit.

The Years Total Losses To Date!

“Sauce1234” – $1,372,920

“IReadYrSoul” – $977,617

“Gus Hansen” – $758,857

“Poker_KaMI” – $649,865

“CRAIN85” – $606,605

“DealMeInFast” – $549,050

“durrrr” – $531,348

“Schoitl” – $525,289

“Patrik Antonius” – $521,983


We try and produce a weekly update on the action at the high stakes tables as much as we possibly can, so if you too like to be well informed of the highest stakes action going on online, be sure to pop back regularly.