The Weeks Top Biggest Online Winners

The week in online poker saw “Jungleman12” Dan Cates get back to doing what he knows best…winning. He achieved this throughout the week playing on his favoured site PokerStars.

Cates who is probably more well known for his screen name “Wooki3z” than for his real name, as been a little bit hit and miss lately but was finally able to find his regular stride this week. However he was not the only player to have a good week, or even the most successful of the week, here we will take a look at the weeks biggest winners.

The Top Winners Of The Week!

Dan Cates certainly made some big waves this week but it was the Dutch Professional poker player Joeri Ven Der Sman who topped the profit charts. He won $495,000 in round about 10,000 hands to increase his yearly profit to around $1million.

Another player who had a bit of a monster week was Theo Jorgensen, he took down a hugely gratifying $315,000. This win just increases what has already been his best year to date; he is now up by $400k this year on PokerStars alone.

“Jeans89” or Jens Kyllonen also pocketed a healthy $234k this week, despite losing a large amount to Sahamies yesterday. He has been on some of the best form of his year lately and will be pleased to be one of the biggest online earners.

Since Jeans89 has gone back to Europe to continue his poker career he has added a cool $500k to his bank account, which is half of the money he unfortunately lost in the Big One For One Drop World Series of Poker Event.

Here are the top 10 winners this week in online poker:

L0ve2playU: +$495,000

5tgb6yhn7: +$316,000

Theo J: +$315,000

W00ki3z: +$297,000

ChaoRen160: +$275,000

Jeans89: +$234,000

PepperoniF: +$188,000

Kanu7: +$158,000

mikki696: +$148,000

Now For A Couple Of Losers!

The biggest by some considerable margin was “Ben86”, Ben Tollerene managed to dump a whole $473,000 in one week of online play. He had previously been sitting pretty by being over $1million in profit throughout the spring months but has seen himself lose nearly half of that in just one week.

He wasn’t the only player though that had some major struggles this week, Benny Spindler AKA “toweliestar” lost a difficult “222k whilst playing a mind boggling 23,000 hands in a week His PokerStars year has been his worst ever and is now officially down over $1million for the year.

“Broksi” was another loser this week, he is an unknown player though many believe him to be the aggressive poker professional Gus Hansen. Whoever it is, has managed to drop a cool $208k online this week.

One thing we know is that weeks pass by and one week you can lose, the next you can win big…so catch up with us next week to see who all the movers and shakers are.