The Winner Of The 2012 PokerStars.Net ANZPT Main Event – David Allan

This year’s PokerStars.Net Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Main Event is now finally over; it was early pace setter David Allan who took home the $110,600 prize, the title and the honor.

He had played well the whole event as was consistently near the top of the leader board, in fact he lead it after Day 1 and was there or thereabouts the whole way through the rest of the tournament.

Here Are The Final Payouts:

David Allan – $110,600

Ken Demlakian – $70,400

Jordan Westmorland – $41,200

Ricky Kroesen – $34,200

David Zhao – $28,200

Matt Wakeman – $23,100

Bryan Huang – $19,100

Ivan Zalac – $15,100

David Evans – $12,070

The final began with these nine players all fighting it out for that paycheck and the honor of holding a prestigious title. However it only took ten minutes before we had the first elimination of the day, David Evans who was the short stack got all of his chips in the middle holding QQ only to be called by Demlakians A-K. Demlakian has had a lot of river fortune during this event and that didn’t change as an Ace popped out on the river.

Next to follow was Ivan Zalac, who had already managed to win one of the side events in the week. However, his Main event came to a close when his 5-5 was no match for Ricky Kroesens 9-9. After that it wasn’t too long before Team PokrStars Pro Bryan Huang was sent to the rail.

This happened after Allan opened the betting with a minimum raise, Westmorland three bet it up to 39,000 by the time it came to Huang. He chose to four bet and went all in for about 200,000, Allan folded and Westmorland called with K-K. This meant that Huang’s 7-7 was suddenly not looking all that great, and as it materialized it wasn’t.

After a few more eliminations we found ourselves with just four players left. That was soon to be three however as Kroesen was starting to get desperate as the short stack, he thought he found some cards when he had A-10 and pushed, to be quickly called by Westmorland’s Q-Q. Though Kroesen did manage to hit a ten on the flop, his hand never improved sufficiently after that.

The Final Three

We had Demlakian, Allan and Westmorland all exchanging chips for over an hour before we finally had just two players left. Westmorland tried to semi-bluff Demlakian with an open ended straight draw, however Demlakian also had straight outs and also the top pair…so he had to call. He did and Westmorland went home in a well deserved third place.

As we got down to heads up, Demlakian was holding a slight lead over David Allan, though it didn’t last long at all. The super aggressive style of Allan quickly pushed him in front, where he stayed for a long time. The lead did chop and change though near the end and Demlakian even amassed a massive lead that looked like he was going to romp home.

Allan though made a remarkable comeback and managed to turn his 20 BB back into the chip lead, which is where the final hand occurred.

Allan limped in and Demlakian checked, the flop showed 8d-3s-7s of which they both checked. The turn came a Qc, Demlakian decided to strike out with 50,000 of which Allan called. The river showed a Ks, Demlakian sent them all to the middle and Allan called confidently.

It is no wonder either as he had just rivered a straight whilst Demlakian held just two pair 7 and 3.