The World Poker Tour – The Legends Of Poker Day 1a

With just a handful of players left in the 2012 PokerStars EPT Barcelona Main Event, we already have the next major tournament underway. The WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event has just got through Day 1a in Los Angeles; the $3,500 NLHE event attracted 247 players for this first day of action with 114 gaining entry to Day 2.

The chip leader after Day 1a is Michael Lipman who had a solid day and amassed 257,100 chips. He was not too far ahead though as Vadim Bulavchik had 242,200 and David Marshall built up a stack of 211,000.

Bulavchik gained most of his stack in just one hand; it was also one of the bigger pots of the day. A flop of KD-4S-3S came down and Eddie Alaei bet out with 22k to which Bulavchik called promptly. The turn brought out a 5D and Alaei threw out a further 50k, with only around 93k left Bulavchik had only two real options fold or go all-in. He went all-in and Alaei called.

What happened next was rather bizarre; they both showed their cards with Bulavchik holding the TS-6S and Alaei KC-4D. This meant Bulavchik was on a flush draw whilst Alaei had two pair. The river came out a 2H; the dealer began pushing the pot towards Alaei with only everybody not even noticing that Bulavchik had actually hit a straight…not even the player himself.

Luckily somebody did see the straight and it was a player in seat one, he shouted “straight”. Everybody double checked and the dealer embarrassingly pushed the chips to Bulavchik. Alaei then left the table in a state of shock. Bulavchik owes seat one a drink at the very least.

Fight During The Break

Whilst there was plenty of action on the felt during the tournament, there was even more of it during the break. Matt Marafioti and Jonathan Aguiar had an altercation with each other, there was shouting about something outside of poker.

However back to the tournament, and to some of the more notable players that did not make it to the next Day of action. We lost David Pham, Vanessa Selbst, David Williams, JC Tran and Victor Ramdin to name just a few, though they do have the option to re-buy back into the tournament tomorrow on Day 1b.

After tomorrow though, the re-buy period will end. Here are the top ten chip counts so far for the Legends Of Poker tournament:

1. Michael Lipman – 257,100

2. Vadim Bulavchik – 242,200

3. David Marshall – 211,000

4. Joseph Hunter – 173,700

5. David Randall – 169,500

6. Evan Orman – 146,500

7. Joseph Cheong – 112,500

8. Dwyte Pilgrim – 106,600

9. Lee Markholt – 105,400

10. Jeff Madsen – 99,500