Theo Jorgensen’s Low Expectations Lesson

throwing poker chip

PokerStars Team Pro Theo Jorgensen has been around the poker block a few time in his career, so he is a wise man to listen to whenever he blogs about the game.

His latest blog on PokerStarsBlog talks about his experience at this year’s World Series of Poker and just why he now never goes into it or any other tournament for that matter, expecting to win. Whilst most players will always tell you to play to win, Jorgensen believes it is better to just have fun and try the best that you can.

He initially starts off by explaining why he did the WSOP this year in two bursts. He came out to Las Vegas for the first two weeks before heading back home for three weeks and then coming back just for the Main Event.

His reasons are pretty hilarious:

The reason for this is pretty much just the kids. The first 3-5 days is a blessing with all the sleep, golf, and poker I want, whenever I want it. Then, very quickly, I start missing them. After 10 days, I’m even looking forward to my son kicking me in the balls.”

He then concentrates on the Main Event and talks about how when he first entered it back in 2003 he believed he would win it and strongly expected to before busting out in a hand he was 70/30 favourite in.

He was distraught and went over to tell Gus Hansen his bad beat story, who was obviously not interested when he said halfway through:

“Have you seen this girl right behind you?” he said. “Pretty sure she wants me. But tell me again. You had jacks right?”

He claims that ever since that day, he has never ever entered a tournament expecting to win, simply to save the pain when it does not happen. He even busted out of the 2010 Main Event after being among the final 40 players and had the chip lead at one point, yet claims the disappointment was nothing compared to what he felt 7 year prior.

It’s a great read from an equally great poker player and one that you can get in full by heading over to PokerStarsBlog. He offers great advice especially as tournaments are not just based on skill but require some luck, so expecting to win in the main is only going to cause you pain when you find yourself eliminated.