Thomas Has Spent Months Preparing For The WSOP Final Table!

AK of spades

By the time the long awaited 2012 World Series Of Poker Main Event final table comes along later this month, Russell Thomas has made sure that nobody will be more prepared than he is. Since he managed to get to that table he has gone on to cash at the World Poker Parx tournament, played a wide variety of tournaments and has been undertaking extensive final table coaching from Jason Somerville.

He said”I think I will be ready” when asked just after a rather unfortunate exit in the World Series Of Poker Europe Main Event in Cannes. He had been playing with glimpses of the brilliance that brought him to the final table later this month but was eliminated when his pocket aces got cracked by an A-K which saw him eliminated.

Practice Runs!

With just a few weeks to go until that final table appearance being held in Las Vegas, Thomas already has some rather extensive plans to make sure his game is right where it should be, come the 29th of October. He is planning to organize some mock final tables; so that he can get used any of the situations that could arise during the event.

His performance could be worth millions, so he is determined to make sure he is well primed for the big occasion. “We will just be setting everybody up at a mock table or two holding the exact amount of chips that my opponents will be” he said “We will play and I will then take a good look at my game afterwards and see at which points I need to be better”

Though Thomas has claimed that he does not know of any other player that has done this kind of thing before, we have personally heard rumours that Jeff Schulman put similar practices into action just before the 2009 World Series Of Poker Main Event back in 2009.

The Results So Far!

From the two mock tables he has run so far he has had mixed results and is yet to have won the “WSOP Main Event”, he has finished in 2nd and 6th so far, though there are many more runs planned. Additionally, his coach Somerville has been producing a video series of the whole recording the whole training sessions and build up to the final table.

The fact that many people do not realize about Thomas is that he is actually not what you would call a professional poker player, he has a day job. He is still undecided on whether or not he would like to pursue poker as his main career, yet we feel that if he manages to take down the $8.5 million first prize, the choice will be made.