Three WSOP tournaments are underway

WSOP chips

The moment that all poker players were anxiously waiting for is here, as the World Series of Poker has begun and three events are already in full swing. Event #1: $500 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold’em started first and attracted a total of 876 players, but at the end of Day 2 only two players are still standing.

Roland Reparejo and Corey Emery will return tomorrow to conclude the heads-up, but it looks like the final stage of a tournament will be a short affair. Reparejo has 4 times more chips than Emery after doubling up in the final hand of the day and is expected to put the entire weight of his stack behind his actions. These were the other 7 players that made the final table and their corresponding payouts.

3. Charles Nguyen -33,073

4. Olivier Doremus – 24,203

5. John Taylor – 17,975

6. Brian Wong – 13,528

7. Marcin Sobczak – 10,308

8. David Luttbeg – 7,947

9. Kevin Chiem – 6,192

Event #2: $25,000 Mixed-Max No-Limit Hold’em attracted just 131 players due to its prohibitive buy in and the sheer difficulty of the game. Many of them were poker professionals and 16 of them are still alive and kicking at the end of day 2. They will return tomorrow to wrap things up and four of them stand out from the crowd, with chip stacks of more than 1.2 million.

By comparison, the player in the 5th place has merely 800k chips to his name, so it is only fair to assume that one of these four players will claim the trophy. Vanessa Selbst is one of them and JC Tran is the other professional with a great chance to win Event 2, but Al Decarolis will bring the biggest stack to the tables tomorrow when Day 3 starts.

  1. Al Decarolis -1,261,000
  2. JC Tran – 1,251,000
  3. Vanessa Selbst -1,224,000
  4. Jason Mo – 1,214,000

Event #3: $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha is so far the most popular event at the World Series of Poker, with 1129 paying the buy in. 106 are still standing at the end of Day 1 and Loren Klein is the uncontested chip leader with 133,000 chips to his name. He is comfortable at both high stakes cash games and tournaments and now that he has such a commanding lead over the pack, he has a good claim at winning Event 3.

Several poker pros bought in and many were sent to the rail, with Phil Hellmuth, Jason Mercier, Christian Harder Erick Lindgren, Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu finishing well outside paid places. There are a couple of pros still in the race and Phil Laak is the best placed one, sitting in the 8th place with 65k chips.

This is how the list of top 5 players looks like at the end of Day 1:

  1. Loren Klein – 133,900
  2. John O’Shea – 89,000
  3. Allan Le – 88,200
  4. Iori Yogo – 79,900
  5. Steve Billirakis – 73,800