Toby Lewis – Reclaims The Number One Spot In The UK

Big Ben UK

Ok so the poker world has been living in at the WSOP within the last 6 weeks, and who can really blame them. The pinnacle of poker, the dream that all poker players have, to have a bracelet at the world’s number one tournament.

The rest of the world seems to stand still while the WSOP Main Event takes place, especially as things are hotting up and we are nearing the finale in the WSOP Main Event.

However while they were gone there have been a few changes back in the UK & Ireland scene. While the world’s eyes have been elsewhere, the top spot in the UK has changed yet again. The top ten has been keenly contested for quite some time now, with nobody having much of an extended run at the top.

The big shock is that it is not who everyone was expecting, there has been a good battle for the number one spot for a good few weeks now. Everyone was expecting Kevin Howe to move to number one from third in the UK & Ireland poker rankings, especially after such an impressive few weeks.

However it is Toby Lewis who is the new number one poker player, it is not exactly unfamiliar territory for him either. He was in fact ranked second in the world back in 2011. He was involved in this year’s WSOP, however he had poor tournament by his standards, cashing out for just $34,000 over four events.

He busted in the WSOP Main Event quite early too which was to his own disappointment but he didn’t hang around to take in the environment, he flew straight back home and has since been grinding online.

In a way his number one status is a little bit of a shock. The main reason he is where he is, is down to older results becoming ineligible to count in the player scores. The PLB always scrub off older scores after a while to keep the scoring about current form rather than long past results. So as he has had a poor second half to last season and a drastic improvement to this one, he has found himself back at the top once again.

The top ten still actually includes the exact ten players, including former EPT Vilamoura champion Lewis. They have just simply had a little shuffle about. However, the way things are going I don’t it will stay for too much longer; there is simply too much talent in the UK & Ireland poker scene right now.

Ok, after that little UK update…Back to the 2012 WSOP!