Tollerene Wins Yet Again!

Right now it seems that whatever Ben “Ben86” Tollerene touches turns to gold, especially with regards to poker, on the high stakes games on PokerStars he has managed to win an astonishing $2.5 million profit since August.

He added another $155k yesterday whilst playing at the $100/$200 and $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha tables. This has moved him into second place in the all time earnings list for 2012, which is amazing in itself as nearly all of his profit has come in just the last three months.

He is quickly gaining on the top spot in the year’s biggest winners list and is now just $400k behind, if he can keep up his current pace he should be there within the next month. However, that will all depend on how well the guy at the top, who is “Sauce123” plays in the current weeks. The battle at the top is proving to be quite an exciting prospect with the year getting right down to the business end.

He was up against some of the best high stakes players to be found online in the shape of “FakeLove888”, Sam “tr1ck7” Trickett, Phil “MrSweets28”, “Jeans89” “Odd_Oddsen” and “patpatman”. His matchup with these guys also brought about some of the biggest pots of the day, such as when he won a $62.4k pot when he hit the nuts against “Odd_Oddsen”.

Sweets On A Little Roll Too!

“MrSweets28” has also been having a good year and has profits of $2.4 million so far, of which he added another $132.7k yesterday. He is currently third in the leaderboard behind “Ben86” and the leader “Sauce123” who has profits of $2.9 million throughout the year so far.

There was a couple of other players that managed to make scores in excess of $100k yesterday as we saw “The Liar” netting $146k for his days work and “GVODZDIKA55” managed to put a poor week behind him as he recovered a decent $118.7k early yesterday morning.

The biggest loser of the day was “Odd_Oddsen” who has had a week of struggles on the virtual felt, which is a surprise as he has been one of the best performers over the past few months. Yesterday he lost a total of $162k, which he will probably forget quickly as he strives to recover his losses and carry on building his yearly profit.

Viktor Blom also continued losing money yesterday, after he was around 500k up the day before, he quickly lost it and lost a further $160k.

The Days Highest Earners!

• Ben86 +$155k

• The Liar +$146k

• MrSweets28 +$132.7k

• GVOZDIKA55 +$118.7k