Tom Dwan To Air His Own opinions On The Full Tilt Takeover!

Since the completion of the now well known story of PokerStars acquiring Full Tilt Poker, there have been many comments from poker pros all across the world. Nearly all of them have been in support of the DOJ for allowing PokerStars to acquire the site and therefore payback millions of Full Tilts former players over $500 million in money that had been stuck in the site for over 15 months.

However, probably the most interesting of comments has come from the former poster boy of Full Tilt Poker Tom Dwan. He has literally been ridiculing the DOJ for the role that they claim to have had in pushing this deal through.

Tom Dwan has been tweeting comments such as “Lol at all of the people who are giving all of the credit to the DOJ for the takeover, I will personally be doing an interview or maybe an online blog which will tell you exactly who you should be thanking as well as some other random information”.

He also tweeted “Could the a**hole who keeps putting the words ‘ponzi scheme‘ in all of the DOJ press releases get fired now”

Judging by his rather controversial statements it seems that he very strongly believes that all of the former management at Full Tilt Poker, should be the ones to be commended for this deal going through. Whilst he also seems to be working on getting his side of the story out in a blog post that he is writing.

Who knows how far this will go but in most people’s eyes, the former Full Tilt management are extremely hated for their mismanagement of the site. Ray Bitar, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer have been implicated heavily in the scandal, having been accused of spending honest player’s deposits and literally leaving the site and its funds high and dry.

For these reasons many players and fans will never forgive the trio, with many even holding big grudges against the pros that were sponsored such as Dwan. One such person who has claimed that they should never be forgiven is poker pro Todd Brunson, who tweeted “Now that players have finally got their money back, the trio should never be forgotten for what they did”.

This story is set to run and run, and although there is now an outcome there still seems to be a lot more that is likely to surface regarding this whole matter. However in the mean time, at least the online poker world can be appreciative to PokerStars, for restoring the bankrolls of thousands if not millions of players around the world.