Prop bets: Tony G v Hellmuth And Elky v Katchalov

How does seeing Tony G and Phil Helmuth in speedos grab you? Sorry for ruining your breakfast, however they will both be sporting them as they have both agreed to take part in a special triathlon being held at the WPT Malta. They will have to go up against each other in sports such as Basketball, bike riding and even swimming.

Tony G made a classic poker statement by saying “I was the one that put forward these three disciplines, and to be honest I am very surprised he accepted them. “ He then went on to say “It is hardly like I once played for the Lithuanian basketball team at the Olympics is it? Though I still have the edge in that sport. He might have a slim chance in the bike riding simply because he is normally sent on his bike in tournaments. As for the swimming, I might be up against it if he remains as close to Michael Phelps behind as he already is now”

This is turning out to be a bit a big side betting buzz for many professional poker players due to the pairs on screen rivalry. They have been going at it for years on shows such as the “The Big Game”.

Hellmuth retorted by saying “All three event sound good to me even though I am definitely rusty” he then added that he loves Malta and cannot wait to come back.

Elky And Katchalov’s Prop Bets At The WCOOP!

Whilst there are some pretty mean winnings to be had at this year’s World Championship Of Online Poker, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Eugene Katchalov have decided to spice things up a little bit…by making a few intense prop bets.

Prop Bet One – The lowest placed finisher at the WCOOP has to both learn and complete a full interview in the other player’s language. If the player cannot do that, they will then have three months to prepare to run a full length marathon.

Prop Bet Two – This is a competition over who acquires the most winnings at the WCOOP, with the loser having to get on a bike and cycle from Cannes to San Remo.

Prop Bet Three – This is for the player with the least amount of cashes at the WCOOP, who will have to do a total of 1,000 press ups within twelve hours.

As it stands currently, it looks as though “ElkY” will be doing a lot of work, as Katchalov is winning on both the cashes and the winnings front. There is still a long way to go though and we will certainly keep you posted.