Tony G Stakes Dan Cates – Full Tilt Is Hiring New Staff

Tony G is not just a poker professional, he is actually a very successful businessman too and he is using his good head for business to make shrewd investment. After failing to convince Viktor Blom to allow him to back him he has now turned his attentions to Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates.

If you do not have any knowledge of Dan Cates, he is known amongst fellow players as one of the best online poker players around. He specializes in NL and PL Omaha with his favourite format being heads up. In 2010 he ran out with the biggest profit of the year after earning over $5 million in profit.

Tony G stated “I am making this decision as the businessman that I am, I have complete faith in my investment and truly feel he will make me money” he then added “This guy is a poker genius and I feel he could literally turn $5 million into $100 million. The first event I backed him at was the WPT Grand Prix de Paris, but I will mainly be backing him with his online poker”

The investment is already starting to look like a good piece of business, with Cates getting through to the second day at the WPT Grand Prix de Paris. Tony G is also playing there and has also made it through, albeit with a smaller stack.

Full Tilt Start Hiring Staff Again!

For the first time in a year and a half, Full Tilt Poker has start rebuilding its staff levels. When the site closed down 18 months ago, it had to lay off almost all of its employees. It was once recognised as the biggest employer on the poker scene.

Since the biggest online poker site PokerStars has now acquired Full Tilt and agreed to pay back all of its players their money owed, it has been getting ready for a re-launch and now needs to recruit the staff needed to help that run smoothly.

The first positions they are seeking to fill are in IT, with 11 people needed at their offices which are based in Dublin, Ireland.

This is set to be just the beginning as PokerStars attempt to bring Full Tilt Poker back to its former glory, with the re launch hoped to be this year at some point. PokerStars are now not only the biggest name in online poker; they now own the second biggest name. They are certainly going from strength to strength though the settlement did cost them around $1 billion in total.