Top Online Poker Tells

Whenever there is a debate between which is better, live or online poker, those that fight in the corner for the live game will always claim that there are no tells in online poker. Whilst that is true in the physical sense, there are still plenty of ways to get a tell on what your opponents are doing just by how they play their game online.

Instances such as players either instantly making their decision or taking too long are usually thought of as tells whilst the way a player acts in the chat box can also give much away.

Ivey Poker, the poker training site thought up by Phil Ivey has now used this subject for one of their latest articles. They give their advice on just what sort of tells are around and what they usually mean at the virtual felt.

One such tell in their article at Ivey Poker goes on to explain what it means when players instantly check in a hand.

“Most online poker software includes check/fold or fold to any bet buttons. These buttons were created to save time but using them gives away information to your opponent.

Players that use the instant check button frequently have nothing and will fold to a single bet. When you see a player check as soon as action is on them, that is indicative of using the instant check button.

The fold to any bet button will result in an instant-check as well, so throwing out a bet after an instant check may result in an instant fold.”

There are another four solid tips on how to pick up the tells when playing online poker and you can find them by heading over to the site.

With big name pros like Patrik Antonius, Greg Merson and Ivey himself teaching the masses, the tips should be coming towards us really often.