Trickett Folds To £50,000 Arm Wrestling Bet

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Sam Trickett is obviously a player that likes to keep himself in shape, especially as he used to be a footballer back in his early days but he showed his true poker skills when he made the fold of his life from an arm wrestling bet.

Sam Trickett is the most successful British poker player of all time that plays in the world’s highest stakes cash games including that of Macau, so is pretty used to people trying to dupe him into handing over his money.

Luckily for him he had the smarts to not turn what had already proved to be a bad night into an even worse one.

The professional player had reportedly just lost £35,000 whilst playing in a £25/£50/£100 game of Pot Limit Omaha at the Palm Beach Casino in London and decided to have a few drinks to cheer himself up. It was here that he began talking to a guy he describes as skinny.

The talk eventually got around to arm wrestling and Trickett offering a wager of £500 to go to the winner. The man was not interested at that price and kept upping it from £1,000 to £3,000 and even when Trickett offered up everything he had on him to the tune of £6,500 the man was still not interested.

The man left but soon returned a little later claiming he would arm wrestle Trickett for a wager of £50,000.

This is where the intuition that Trickett has learned from the poker tables came into play as he dropped out right at the last minute. Apparently it was later revealed that the man was indeed trying to hustle him having never lost an arm wrestle and is capable of doing hundreds of pushups in one stint.

It shows that sometimes looks can be very deceiving and that Trickett was also good enough to follow his gut instincts.

With regards to his poker, he was yesterday playing in the Dusk Till Dawn UK Poker Championships Main Event where things did not go to plan, though he does mention he may take another shot on Day 1c today.


A good result in this event will go a long way to recouping that £35k he lost. He will be thankful it was not a lot more however.