Two WPT Events See Out Day 1b

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The World Poker Tour is hosting two different events in two different continents at the same time right now with the WPT Venice Carnival and WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star both attracting the big names. We will take you through how both events are shaping up and which players are looking on course to make some money at their respective events.

WPT Venice Carnival Day 1b – Taborsky Leads

Day 1b at the World Poker Tour Venice Carnival brought in another 92 players looking to turn March into a title winning month. This meant that the total entries so far in this event were now up to 143 with 68 of those on Day 1b joining the 37 that progressed into Day 2 from Day 1a.

The chip leader going into Day 2 will be David Taborsky after his chip count at the end of the day of 100,300 was good enough for him to beat out the likes of Charles Chattha and Massimo Mosele in the top ten.

Further down in the rankings on Day 1b but still going through into Day 2 where the likes of Giacomo Fundaro, Roberto Romanello, Sam Trickett, Kara Scott, Paul Tedeschi and Vasili Firsau.

Whilst they will be enjoying the fact that they are now through to Day 2, there are plenty that did not quite make it. The biggest of those names were Jamie Kerstetter, Jan Bendik and popular British pro David Vamplew.


Day 2 will commence today at 2.30pm local time and will see the combined 105 survivors from the opening day flights get together once more in order to attempt a deep run in this event.

The Current Top Ten

1st) David Taborsky – 100,300

2nd) Charles Chattha – 97,850

3rd) Massimo Mosele – 81,000

4th) Andreas Goeller – 73,450

5th) Victor Nikolaevich Ilyukhin – 71,695

6th) Diego Zeiter – 67,750

7th) Viacheslav Igin – 67,150

8th) Lasse Frost – 63,300

9th) Max Pescatori – 59,975

10th) Eros Nastasi – 59,000

WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Day 1b – Ke Leading

Day 1b at the World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star was also completed not so long ago and this one brought in a field of 401 which was reduced to just 183 that would be joining the 117 survivors from Day 1a into Day 2.

Leading the field is Lucas Ke on 252,000, a little ahead of Ron Minnis on 232,300 and a top ten that includes big names such as Jeff Madsen, Phil Laak and Scott Seiver. Other big names progressed to as we saw Shaun Deeb, Matt Affleck and PokerStars Team Pros Vanessa Selbst, Randy Lew and Jason Mercier all do enough to take part in Day 2 a little later tonight.

It was a bad day at the office for the likes of Chris Moorman, Phil Hellmuth, Shannon Shorr, Barry Greenstein and Daniel Negreanu however as they failed to progress from Day 1b. They do however have right up until the start of Day 2 to register one last shot at this event.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Lucas Ke – 252,000

2nd) Ron Minnis – 232,300

3rd) Shankar Pillai – 201,000

4th) James Carroll – 191,100

5th) Carlos Villamarin – 182,000

6th) Jeff Madsen – 173,200

7th) Nam Le – 160,800

8th) Phil Laak – 147,300

9th) Scott Seiver – 141,800

10th) Erkut Yilmaz – 140,000