Two WPT Events See Day 2 Completed

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The World Poker Tour was back in full swing in two different continents todays as both the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star and WPT Venice Carnival saw Day 2 again cut their fields down and reveal which players are closer to a major poker title.

Take a look at our quick rundown of each of the events right here:

WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Day 2 – Sung Leads Final 36

There are now just 36 players remaining in the World Poker Tour Bay 101 after Day 2 saw the field of 300 dramatically reduced. The chip leader is Steve Sung after a very impressive day at the felt finished with him on 1,812,000 chips, a hefty way ahead of Bryce Yockey in second place with 1,191,000.

The big names in the top ten comprise of Mukul Pahuja, Justin Young, David Randall and Candace Collins whilst still involved going into Day 3 are David Paredes, Ben Hamnett and Jonathan Little though they are a little further back in the field.

Eliminations on the day were full of big names too as Ryan Riess, Jeff Madsen, Darren Elias, Joe Hachem, Paul Volpe, Noah Schwartz, Marvin Rettenmaier and Vanessa Selbst all fell by the wayside.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Steve Sung – 1,812,000

2nd) Bryce Yockey – 1,191,000

3rd) Larry Odegard – 1,051,000

4th) Mukul Pahuja – 908,000

5th) Brian Park – 884,000

6th) Nicky Nikan – 861,000

7th) Lucas Ke – 858,000

8th) Justin Young – 854,000

9th) David Randall – 851,000

10th) Candace Collins – 842,000

WPT Venice Carnival Day 2 – Trickett Looking Strong

Over in Venice the action is also starting to get to the business end as Day 2 saw the field of 115 being whittled down once more to a total of 47 that will now be coming back for Day 3. At the top of the pile regarding chip counts is Andrea Dato on 243,300 but the biggest name in the top ten is that of British pro Sam Trickett who sits in 3rd place with 201,000.

Among those who fell on Day 2 were Roberto Romanello, Rocco Palumbo, Paul Tedeschi and Liv Boeree. With each of them now having to plan which event will be the next on their schedule.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Andrea Dato – 243,300

2nd) Antonio Buonanno – 205,200

3rd) Sam Trickett – 201,000

4th) Simon Hemsworth – 173,100

5th) Mario Vojvoda – 153,600

6th) Giacomo Fundaro – 148,300

7th) Ivan Gabrieli – 142,500

8th) Max Pescatori – 136,600

9th) Victor Nikolaevich Ilyukhin – 136,600

10th) Jan Olav Sjavik – 134,700