Tyler Frost Returns With Hand of the Week (vids)

Ace Jack

PokerStars Team Online member Tyler “frosty012”Frost has revealed in a new blog post at PokerStarsBlog, that he has returned to providing his popular and educational YouTube video series called ‘Hand of the Week’ in which he takes his followers through one of the more interesting hands he played during that week when hunting for Supernova Elite at PokerStars.

Each and every year since 2010 Frost spends the year hunting for Supernova Elite to enjoy the benefits that it brings as well as earning money along the way.

“Fast forward to 2014 and yet again here I am on another journey trying to regain that illustrious SNE status. What I decided to do recently was to re-ignite my Hand of the Week YouTube video series that I dabbled in a bit last year. What this means is that every week, I will choose an interesting hand (or several) from my database from that week and go over the hand in great detail in a YouTube video.”

His series allows players to get an insight in to how Frost plays his hands whilst also getting a bit of a lesson in how not to play in some spots.

This year though, he plans to take it one step further by also reviewing other players’ hands and offering his opinion on how the hand was played and how it could have been played better.

He invites those that wish to have hands or sessions reviewed to send him a quick message on his Facebook page. The first session he reviewed was some four table Zoom poker that a player requested he took a look at.

“I won’t promise that I will do something like this at every request (and I’ve already received more requests from people wanting their play to be reviewed) because it is quite time consuming but every once and a while it’s no problem.”