UK Update: Mad Turk Wins Stoke, Whilst The $75k Nottingham Event Begins This Weekend!

With things starting to heat up in the world of poker over the coming weeks, we decided to keep you up to date with what is happening in the UK. We have two events to let you know about, one which has just finished and another which is soon to kick off.

The Genting Poker Series finally came to an end on Sunday, with Yecel ”Mad Turk” Eminoglu winning the Stoke based event which had a prize pool of £192,400. He did well to battle his way through an initial field of 482 players and managed to take home the lion’s share of that prize pool.

The Mad Turk was involved in the final day with another 18 players, and he was very close to actually becoming an early casualty. He found himself all in with his pocket tens against Simon Deadman’s pocket rockets. He managed to crack them which gave him a serious chip stack, and the Mad Turk in that situation suddenly becomes an extremely dangerous proposition.

That case was dramatically proved in point as he raced towards that final table.

That lost hand didn’t seem to effect Deadman in any way as he went on a very successful run after that and eventually found himself heads up against Eminoglu. Before they started against each other they did agree on a chop of the prize pool.

Once that deal had been struck, the game was almost over instantly as Mad Turk won the event with his AK holding against that of Deadman’s A10.

Here are the final standings and payouts:

1. Yucel Eminoglu £46,550*

2. Simon Deadman £31,000*

3. Rui Chang £22,900

4. Rob Swindells £17,950

5. Long Pham £14,250

6. Steve Warburton £10,800

7. Karl Mahrenholz £7,700

8. Damian Hitchins £5,200

9. Neil Ryder £3,300

* Pre chop figures

The $75k Nottingham Live Event Kicks Off This Weekend!

Now we feature an event in the UK that is up and coming, and it isn’t even too far from Stoke. This event has a prize pool guarantee of $75,000 and the buy-in is just $200 + $20 for the Main Event which begins on Friday and runs right through until Sunday.

Apart from the Main Event there will also be side events which is set to include a both a low stakes £25+£5 event and an event at the other end of the scale, a high roller £1000+£90 event.

Last year’s event was a complete sellout and they expect the same this year, so if you are near Nottingham this weekend and feel like playing some poker, go check it out.