UKIPT Dublin Day 1b – Silver Leading (vids)

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Is there anyone is the world that is as consistent as Max Silver right now? Every time he plays he seems to make final tables or deep runs. The UKIPT Dublin Main Event is a true example, if he was to make the final table here it would be for the 3rd time in three years. Last year was the one where he did not make the final table but he made up for that by winning the UKIPT Dublin High Roller instead.

He was back at it yesterday in the UK & Ireland Poker Tour Dublin Main Event on Day 1b and he did not just finish the day as the chip leader but also with double the amount of chips of Marc Kennedy in 2nd place. He sits with 311,700 chips and is already looking like he will be the man to beat in this event.

There were 456 players that bought in on Day 1b to bring the combined total to 682 once added to the entries on Day 1a. By the end of the day,however, the combined number of players heading into Day 2 was cut down in size to 309. There were a host of PokerStars Team Pros taking part in proceedings last night but in general they had a bad day. Only Dale Philip advanced into Day 2 as the likes of Liv Boeree, Mickey Petersen and Triple Crown winner Jake Cody all busted out. Philip was happy enough to progress but he was also in awe of Max Silver.



We will see how Silver does on Day 2 when the action kicks off at 12pm lunchtime GMT. With there still being 309 survivors left in the event he has a long way to go just yet.

Top Ten Chip Counts Going Into Day 2

1st) Max Silver – 311,700

2nd) Marc Kennedy – 143,900

3rd) Robert Schulz – 141,200

4th) Ludovic Geilich – 138,900

5th) Ilmari Sukanen – 133,800

6th) James Young – 129,400

7th) Alain Bauer – 128,400

8th) Deborah Worley-Roberts – 108,800

9th) Svein Eidseter – 107,300

10th) Noel McMahon, – 104,400

Prize Pool Payouts

1st) €87,700

2nd) €53,700

3rd) €38,400

4th) €29,100

5th) €23,100

6th) €17,700

7th) €12,830

8th) €8,748

9th) €6,950

10th – 11th)- €5,650

12th – 13th) €4,900

14th- 15th) €4,400

16th – 17th) €3,900

18th – 20th) €3,450

21st – 23rd) €3,000

24th – 27th) €2,550

28-31st. €2,200

32-39th. €1,950

40-55th. €1,710

56-71st. €1,480

72-95th. €1,340

96-103rd. €1,250