UKIPT Nottingham Main Event Day 3 – Elliot Leading (vid)

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Day 3 of the UK & Ireland Poker Tour Nottingham Main Event saw the 49 players that had done enough to get this far cut down in size even further to leave just the final table of eight heading into the final day today.

Sitting the prettiest come the start of Day 4 will be William Elliot who bagged and tagged a total of 5,625,000 chips to leave himself as the chip leader. He is followed by Juan Benito, Duncan McLellan and Ryan Spittles though everyone else on the final table should not be counted out either.

It was Benito that started the day with the chip lead and although he was overtaken by Willis on the day he is still in the next best position. Benito is the only foreigner on that final table with the rest all being from the UK yet he is in good shape to cause a shock and secure a win for Spain.

Of the names that could not secure a place on that coveted final table were Tim Blake, Dafydd Williams, Derek Murray and final table bubble boy Terry Carter. They all won some decent payouts though so although they will be disappointed they know they have at least won some profit.

Day 4 will get underway at 2pm today local time in the UK and will see that final table of eight play down until there is just the one player left holding the trophy. Join us for our final report on the event tomorrow where you can find out just which player that is.

The Final Seating and Chip Counts

St 1) Trevor Pearson – 965,000

St 2) Anthony Flynn – 2,495,000

St 3) Duncan McLellan – 3,320,000

St 4) Ramey Shaio – 1,770,000

St 5) Juan Benito – 4,385,000

St 6) Angelo Milioto – 2,455,000

St 7) Ryan Spittles – 3,305,000

St 8) William Elliot – 5,625,000