UKIPT Bristol Main Event Day 3 – Barzantny Going For The Double

Young German pro Wojtek Barzantny could not have dreamed of a better trip to Bristol so far as he finds himself at the top of the leader board going into the final table at the UKIPT Season 3 Bristol Main Event. He is only there because he qualified to make the final table of the UKIPT Online event by playing on PokerStars.

He won that Online final table and decided to stick around and play in the Main Event as well, well after Day 2 he now sits at the top of the chip counts with more than 1,400,000 more than the player in second place. He currently has 2,880,000 chips whilst Robert Bull holds 1,342,000.

He is a very aggressive player which was summed up in the very last hand of the day, he called a raise pre-flop whilst holding the 8d-6d and managed to hit two pair. He made a raise which encouraged his opponent Simon Randall to push all in whilst holding pocket aces. His hand held up and he knocked Randall out in 9th place…a day early as Randall would have been coming back tomorrow for the final table.

The chip leader coming into the day was Robert Bull who had another strong day at the felt yesterday, though he lost the chip lead to Barzantny he made sure he stayed amongst the top end of the leaderboard and finished the dy in second place. This sets him up nicely to have a good challenge later today and should at the very least take home a nice score.

Craig Goddard was the only other player to amass more than a million in chips, he sits in third place in the chip counts mainly due to a big hand in which he eliminated Nik Persaud. He will be quietly confident that he can make a sneaky challenge on the title tomorrow.

Notables To Bow Out!

There were 45 players that started the day, with the sole ambition of making that final table of nine. However, not everybody would be able to achieve this meaning that we lost some big names throughout the day. We lost Joe Roberts, Andrew Couldridge, Bambos Xanthos, Paul McTaggart, Nik Persaud and the ever talkative Jason Tompkins.

The Final Table:

1 – Amanda Sidark – 523,000

2 – Robert Bull – 1,342,000

3 – James Greenwood – 744,000

4 – Craig Goddard – 1,039,000

5 – Wojtek Barzantny – 2,880,000

6 – Jonathan Prince – 407,000

7 – Niall Murray – 343,000

8 – Anthony Forsyth-Forrest – 691,000