UKIPT Bristol Main Event – Barzantny Does The Double

It hasn’t been a bay little week for Wojtek Barzantny; he came to Bristol from Germany after winning a place in the final table of the UKIPT Online Event, won the event last Wednesday for £77,126.03 and decided to stick around to take part in the Main Event. He then brushed everyone aside to win two UKIPT titles within a week.

There are only two other players that have won two UKIPT events, yet they can certainly not boast completing the achievement inside of a week. He won a payout of £90,400 which means he has won £167,526.06 within 5 days.

The final table here was very similar to the one last week too, with it very much being a game of attrition. He started out in the heads up session with a lead of over a million chips to his opponent James Greenwood, yet he went on to lose that lead before taking it back and having more than two thirds of all chips in the event.

He had his opponent on the rails and had him all-in, but Greenwood had the better hand pre-flop and doubled. Barazantny then had another chance to seal the deal but again lost out when another hand did not go his way.

Greenwood took the lead again and Barzantny looked visibly frustrated for the first time in a week, though it didn’t last too long as he took down a massive pot for 2.5 million chips which saw him animated and pumped up.

He then won the next seven pots in a row and was again in the lead, he then won the event when on a flop of 2d-Tc-6c he held the Ts-8c. Greenwood pushed all-in holding pocket sevens and Barzantny called and saw his hand survive the final two cards to give him his second title within a week.

It really was a magical performance from Barzantny during his week in Bristol, the odds of a player winning two events against fields of 578 and 550 works out at about 317,000 to 1. To put it in perspective, the bookies would give less odds on an asteroid hitting the earth.

Final Standings:

1st. Wojtek Barzantny £90,400

2nd. James Greenwood £54,500

3rd. Robert Bull £33,300

4th. Anthony Forsyth-Forrest £24,400

5th. Amanda Sidark £19,000

6th. Craig Goddard £15,100

7th. Niall Murray £11,600

8th. Jonathan Prince £8,800

The UKIPT Bristol has been a rip roaring success with some top notch poker being played for the full duration of the tournaments on display; we already cannot wait until the next event here.