Unknown Players Take Big Sunday Honours

Money dollars

Another Sunday has come and gone, which means that another edition of the Sunday Major tournaments at PokerStars is in the books, with several winners to be noted. One interesting aspect of this week’s Sunday Million and Sunday Warm-Up is that neither featured big name pros making the final tables. Instead, it was a mix of tournament grinders that ended up with the big money. In both cases, the eventual winner was a relative unknown, but they will no longer be able to fly under the radar.

In the Sunday Warm-up, the strong crowds continued as 3,401 players anted up for the $500,000 guaranteed event. In total, it would take some 10 hours for the conclusion to be reached and a three-way deal ensured that the top finishers would all receive a healthy payout.

The final table moved quite quickly as player after player hit the rail. However, the deal talks started when four players were left and then again after “allucan3at” was eliminated. The second time proved to be the charm as the trio agreed to a relatively even split that left $10,000 for the winner. After the deal, “KTURK” went on a massive heater, speeding through both of his opponents to earn the win.

Sunday Warm-Up (3/09) Results

1st – “KTURK” – $96,978.46
2nd – “Kredka77” – $71,810.91
3rd – “geopaep” – $73,702.74
4th – “allucan3at” – $39,111.50
5th – “Dario-one” – $28,908.50
6th – “bennybunny18” – $22,106.50
7th – “agnik80” – $15,304.50
8th – “klinger63” – $8,502.50
9th – “PeepOnTheSly” – $5,441.60

The Sunday Million was more of the same, albeit with much higher stakes. Nearly 9,100 runners entered the weekly PokerStars flagship tournament, including several members of Team Pro and Team Online. Of these, Andre Akkari had the best run and made it to 71st place.

When the final table started, it appeared as though “Graftekkel” might runaway with the show. Wielding a heavy stack and bludgeoning his opponents, one was sent to the rail on the very first hand and another would go just two hands later. However, a key pot in 3-handed play was a gamechanger when “Stev0L_” managed to bust the Aces of “Graftekkel” and steal the momentum. In the end, it would be “TryToExploit” that had the final surge, pushing past “Stev0L_” and locking up his first Sunday Million win.

Sunday Million (3/09) Results

1st – “TryToExploit” – $230,707.38
2nd – “Stev0L_” – $219,698.76
3rd – “Graftekkel” – $135,320.32
4th – “marc cedric” – $90,880.00
5th – “Mr. Sparco” – $72,704.00
6th – “Sphinx87” – $54,528.00
7th – “Faborizer” – $36,352.00
8th – “mossified84” – $19,993.60
9th – “OJLimpsinn” – $12,723.20