Up And Down – The Sahamies Saga Continues

It seems that every week Ilari Sahamies is making the news, one week he records massive winnings in the online poker world, the next he records massive losses…well here we are again on the 33rd week and yes you guessed it he has won a nice profit of 400k in one day on the tables.

He certainly has an all out and gung ho style, though in the long term sense it is difficult to imagine how he sleeps at night with all of the stress. In total he is down around 500k for the year after yesterdays and is using investor’s money to fund his career.

He seems to make a good step forward and then makes two backwards, unless he gets extremely lucky and manages to keep his luck going for a prolonged period of time it is difficult to see him pull away from his current situation.

Yesterday Was One Of The Good Days

On some of the super high stakes PokerStars tables yesterday there was as usual some high end play taking place. Finlands Ilari Sahamies was the biggest winner of the day though; he started out in the morning by winning a nice 60k on some $200/$400 and $50/$100 PLO tables. That was just the beginning though as it was later in the day when the real money started to fly in.

He was playing on a few $200/$400 PLO tables for just about three hours; he was up against many of the regulars there such as Jeans89 and Theo J. The whole time he seemed to be in total control of the table and of his own game, and was able to dominate the tables.

He started to take down some really nice pots and by the time he decided to call an end to the day he had managed to amass a nice amount of $403k. It could have been so much more a well if he didn’t run right into Jeans89 quads while he was holding a full house…it’s fair to say he lost a huge amount on that one.

That hand played out with Ilari betting from the small blind to the amount of $1,200, with jeans89 calling. The flop then sowed Jc,7d,2s, Jeans89 checked and Sahamies doubled up the bet to $2,398 of which Jeans89 called yet again. The turn card was a 3s, Jeans89 checked again and Ilari bet out $7,194 with Jeans89 calling for the third time, this brought out the river which was the 7s. You guessed it, jeans89 checked and Ilari bet $21,582, jeans89 finally made a move and went all in for $65,870 and ilari called instantly.

Ilari had the full house and jeans had quads and doubled up. That was just one setback though on a truly successful day of poker for Sahamies…at least until next week.