Valentine’s Gift Ideas For The Poker Player

Poker isn’t necessarily the first thing you’d think about when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Other than incorporating a bit of romance into strip poker by seductively removing your clothes, when you lose, it can be quite a challenge to marry the two together.

Fear not though as help is at hand for all you card playing lovers out there. As February 14th approaches we bring to you a selection of gifts which are sure to bring out the passion in just about everyone.

Poker Night Shirt

You can be playing under the moonlight with your loved one whilst you wear these rather fetching examples of poker nightwear. In a nice black background with winning card prints, you’ll be looking great as you hit the table or anything else that springs to mind. They are usually machine washable too!

Poker Movies

This might seem like a lazy way to spend Valentine’s night but it can be one of the most romantic as you can both indulge in your passion for the game by watching a selection of poker related movies such as Rounders and the 60’s classic Kaleidoscope whilst you share a bottle of champagne in front of a roaring fire.

World Series Ring

If you want your man to stand out from the crowd at the poker table, then you can’t go far wrong with an exceptional World Series of Poker engraved men’s ring. It’s not usually cheap but looks the part as they are usually a solid silver example of jewellery adorned with Swarovski crystals. It will certainly last for many Valentine’s days to come.

Gambling Themed Cufflinks

All the best dressed men like a good set of cuff links.  If that man happens to be a poker player then you really need to get a pair of these.  Shaped like poker chips, they have wonderful detailing which make for the perfect addition to any shirt sleeve. Now you have another reason to keep your hands above the table.

Gold Playing Cards

Just the look of these cards will evoke admiration from your competitors.  In a word, they look fantastic.  Gold playing cards are the ultimate statement to make as one can only assume you are a winner. However, being genuine 24k gold cards, you better make sure you don’t leave them lying around!


So with this selection of gifts ideas, you will certainly bring pleasure to the one you love!