Vanessa Selbst’s Ask Me Anything On Reddit

Team Pokerstars Pro Vanessa SelbstJust a few days ago Vanessa Selbst agreed to do an “Ask Me Anything” on the Reddit website, with fans able to put questions to her in the hope of being answered. In a very interesting read, she was asked questions from who she thought the best poker player in the world was, to how she deals with being labeled as the best woman poker player in the world rather than just as one of THE best poker players in the world.

We are going to take a little look at what we feel were the best questions and answers to come from the AMA session.

The Two Phil’s

When asked who she thought was the best poker player in the world, she kept it short and simple with her claiming that Phil Ivey will most probably be the best player of all time. She then jokingly called Phil Galfond a “jerk” for not letting her use the slide that he had in his apartment before selling it when asked if she thought he was one of the best PLO players.

She was also asked many questions about her own game as well as advice she would give players starting out as professional players. One person asked how he would go about playing professionally, how much of a bankroll he would need and what type of games to start out with. She answered that what she thinks the most important thing a new player needs to do is play a large volume of games and only play a game when you have 100 times the buy-in in your bankroll.

She then explained that ‘career earnings’ in poker are completely skewed and that she definitely does not have the $7 million in career earnings that she is credited with when you take out buy-ins, expenses such as traveling and accommodation as well as any percentages of her action that has been sold.

She also gave a very honest answer to a question about her sexuality, with the question being what she finds is her biggest challenge in the game considering she is both gay and a woman in a world largely dominated by men. She said that other than having to remove a few followers from her Twitter account, she doesn’t really have too much trouble.

If you would like to have a full read for yourselves, follow the link to her ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit.