Vienna Mind Sports Festival To Include WPT Event

In another look ahead to what will be welcoming us in 2013 with regards to poker action, we have the Vienna Mind Sports Festival kicking off in February. What makes this event different is the fact that it is not based on Poker alone; in fact poker is just one type of brain game that will be played during the festival.

There will be chess, open-face Chinese poker, scrabble, backgammon amongst many others, oh yes and a WPT tournament thrown in for good measure. For all of you British Countdown lovers, there will also be a game called Apterous which is heavily based on the famous word and numbers quiz show.

All of these games are decided by a high level of mental attributes, which is why poker is included despite being classed by many as simply gambling. Poker is a game of minds, players pitting their wits against each other much in the same way as all of the other events being held at this event.

On To The Poker!

Whilst we all love to be challenged at new games, the main reason all of us poker heads are interested in the Vienna Mind Sports Festival is simply because of the poker that is going to be on offer.

Well, there is going to be the World Poker Tour Vienna running alongside all of the other activities, which is going to be a $3,500 buy-in that allows re-entries throughout the two opening Day 1 flights starting on the 19th of February until the 24th.

There will then also be a Grand Series of Poker Event starting on the 13th and running through until the 16th which will be a $1,100 buy-in affair.

Not The First Mental Sporting Event!

The first mental Sporting Festival actually occurred earlier this month, with it being held in Prague. It was run alongside the European Poker Tour Main Event, which saw Ramzi Jelassi navigate his way through a huge field of 864 players to scoop the winner’s cheque of $1,091,418.

The official schedule for the WPT Vienna and the other events at this festival are yet to be announced, though we do expect that announcement within the coming weeks.

Once the WPT Vienna is underway, you can be rest assured that it is one event that we will be following completely, with regular updates on all of the action taking place. So if you like to follow the world’s poker action, make sure you come back and check with us.