Viktor Blom Finally Hits A Purple Patch

Viktor Blom has had a torrid year, especially on the online high stakes tables at PokerStars. Under his screen name of “Isildur1”he has seen losses of around $2 million for the years so far, with his online sessions usually starting out well before he seems to bomb.

In the last few weeks alone we have seen him build profits of hundreds of thousands, only to see him eventually lose it all and more. Yesterday though, he knew when to quit and managed to pocket a profit of $511k.

As always he started his day with a gentle approach by playing at the $25/$50 Pot Limit Omaha tables, he then gave in to his craving for high stakes action and moved up to the $100/$200 pot Limit Omaha tables.

He started out a little bit on the shaky side but he soon found his feet and began picking apart his opponents much like he used to do when he first burst onto the scene. One particular player

he was bullying was “patpatman” who had already recorded losses of nearly $1 million in the last couple of days.

Three Tables At Once!

The high stakes tables that Blom was playing at require a buy in of at least $40k and at one point he was playing three of them at once. He had over $200k on two of them and a little over $100k on

the other.

Once he had pushed his profit up to around $800k in total he decided to try his hands at the nose bleed stakes of $200/$400 where he came up against “patpatman” and “1Il|1Il|1il|”. He initially began just as he had left off on the other tables and was soon up to $900k profit, yet as usual things took a turn for the worst. While many players would have been happy with a $900k profit in one day and left the table, his constant search for more eventually backfired.

He lost three massive pots which were in fact the biggest recorded online for the day, all of these totaled around $550k and put him back down to under $400k profit for the day. He then went on to lose another $300k on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables before he finally managed to claw himself back up to just over $500k profit and this time called it a day.

Though it could have been more he has to be happy with a good healthy profit for the day; however it all depends on whether or not he can keep bagging these profits to perhaps finally get himself up for the year.