Viktor Blom – Sweden’s Poker Superstar


Isildur1It is time for one of our poker player profiles again, with us this time choosing to profile not an up and coming poker player but one that has been performing at the highest stakes online poker tables for a few years now.

He hasn’t only been performing at them but in general making huge amounts of money since his emergence in 2008. Viktor Blom is that player, with the Swedish man originally starting to play online at the tender age of 18.

He had saved up a bankroll of around $2,000 and when he turned old enough to gamble legally, allegedly turned that bankroll into $1,500,000 in no more than a fortnight.

It was 2009 that he started to play at Full Tilt Poker, where he then took the tables by storm and made a staggering profit of $5,000,000 in less than a month, which was made all the more remarkable after taking that money from players of the ilk of Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

His aggressive style and fearless attitude has meant that he has not only been involved in the largest pot seen online, but also the nine pots after it too. His style means that whilst he can win big on occasion, he can also slip to huge losses too. This is exactly why he holds the records for the largest profit made in a day whilst also the record for the biggest losses.

Up until 2011, nobody actually knew who “Isildur1” was, with his identity being kept a secret despite being signed as a PokerStars Team Pro. The truth would come out in the 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, when he first took his place at a live table event.

With him being an online player by all accounts, this has meant very little live tournament performances, though he did even prove he can step up when needed after winning the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Super High Roller for a score of $1,254,400.

2013 – Good Start So Far!

Blom started of the year on fire, with him amassing nearly $5 million profit within the first two weeks of January. Things have dropped off slightly though and he has struggled since then dropping more than half of those winnings, yet he is still the years second highest profit maker so far. The thing with Blom is that you know he is capable of going on a huge upswing and taking home multiple millions in such a short period of time.

We expect to see more of these upswings followed by a few big downswings throughout the year, but we bet he will be in profit by the time it all ends.