Viktor Blom’s 8-Game $500k Haul


Viktor Blom inflicted a massive $567,151 loss playing 8_Game heads-up versus Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn. Overall “Isildur1” came out of the Full Tilt Poker virtual poker room with a huge $355,487 profit for the day.

It was an early morning meet for the Swede and the Russian, and it didn’t take long to realise it would be another one of those days, with Blom sending the chips all over the felts. It was Kostritsyn that drew first blood as the pair played two tables simultaneously with Blom adding to his January losses by a further $85,000 in only fifteen minutes worth of plays.

Three hours later and the two were locking horns once again playing on the high stakes $1500/$3000 tables with bloating pots building up that mostly went Blom’s way. He recovered $66,000 firstly playing $1,000/$2,000 stakes, and then after the two agreed to step up the action to the $1500/$3000 blinds, Blom rinsed yet another $170,000 from his Russian foe. By the time they went their separate ways Blom was now boasting a six figure profit worth $169,000.

Blom with chips is dangerous for two reasons. He’s a danger to himself being one of the most volatile players on the site, and he is a danger to his opponents because he has the potential of taking large slices from their bankrolls. However, instead we saw a relatively frugal Blom as he went over to the Pot Limit Omaha tables at just $50/$100 stakes playing versus “D2THEMFI”.

It wasn’t long before Blom had a taste of the 8-game play and Kostritsyn was only too happy to oblige once again. They started playing at the stakes they left off from their last meeting at $1500/$3000. Blom was just too hot handle by this point and won yet another $330,000. Kostritsyn had in fact come back to a positive $200,000, but over three hours Blom had built up $415,000. After a few more hands it was clear Blom was hitting a massive upswing winning overall $567,151.

As Blom was clearly winning the day with a massive $620,000 profit at one stage, “Sallywoo” spotted a chance to take some of that cash. At the $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha ring games Blom was not in as good shape as he was in the 8-Game, and then he burst out an $108,000 loss playing Fixed Limit Omaha Eight-or-Better to “SallyWoo”, who came out of the day with the third highest profit.

It was “yurasov1990” that beat “sallywoo” to the second after winning $162,625 playing at the $100/$200 No Limit Heads-Up tables versus “forhayley”, “wilhasha”, and “Lottenice”.

Yesterdays Top 5 Biggest Poker Profits

1st “Isildur1” $355,487

2nd “yurasov1990” $162,625

3rd “SallyWoo” $107,980

4th “Denoking” $92,643

5th “Lottenice” $92,291

Yesterdays Top 5 Biggest Poker Losses

“PostflopAction” (-$582,483)

“krmont22” (-$157,009)

“Flufferd“ (-$100,221)

“wilhasha“ (-$84,701)