“Isildur1” Is On Fire – Up $2 Million In 2013

He may well be thinking that this is all a dream, but Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has now pushed himself up to more than $2 million profit at the high stakes tables within just the first week of 2013. Over the weekend he has banked $715.6k, with him actually up another $200k playing right now as we write this article.

That puts him just above the $2 million mark, which is truly astounding for 76 days work. That means that practically all of the $2.6 million he lost at the previous Full Tilt poker before black Friday has been wiped out.

The player who was previously sponsored by PokerStars and is now one of the three Full Tilt Poker “Professionals” along with Gus Hansen and Tom Dwan initially struggled once the site was re-launched. He was actually one of the biggest losers on the site for a while; however this January has seen him wipe all of that out and is now the highest earner on the site since it re-opened its doors.

His Victims!

His profit over the last couple of days has come from a number of players, with names such as “PostflopAction”, “SallyWoo”, “Seb86”, and his biggest haul from “cottonseed1”. He took $341.8k from “cottonseed1” during a session that lasted almost six hours, with them playing heads up on the $2k/$4k Fixed Limit Omaha tables.

He also took $300k from “PostflopAction” in an earlier session and then some smaller amounts against both “SallyWoo” and “Seb86”.

Other Winners!

To put his achievement into perspective, there was just one other player who made more than $100k during the same period of time, that player being “HeadShotFyoV” who banked $127.4k over at PokerStars. He was on the $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha tables and was pitting his wits against players such as “yahii”, “n0d1ceb4by” and the super aggressive “AlexKP”.

The Largest Pots!

You wouldn’t be blamed for assuming that because Blom won so much money the past few days that the biggest pot would involve him too, however it didn’t. The largest pot was actually won by Brian “sbrugby” Townsend, after he took $34k from “AceHasslehoff” when he had hit the nuts on the $25/$50 Pot Limit Omaha tables.

The Biggest Winners!

Isildur1 – (+$715.6k)

HeadShotFyoV – (+$127.4k)

ImWithSumo – (+$57.5k)

HC_68 – (+$47k)

If Blom carries on in the vein of form, we could be talking about him earning $8 million before the end of the month. We will certainly be keeping a close eye on him and letting you all know exactly how he is doing!