VLADOBU61 Achieves PokerStars Sunday Million Victory

August is one of those barren periods in poker it seems, there is a break of a few weeks where there are literally no live poker tournaments, which seems to coincide with no online poker series due until September.

In a way though it is probably a welcome break for many a poker professional, it means they can just sit at home and grind some online cash tables whilst also enjoying the Sunday events such as the PokerStars Sunday Million.

This week’s event saw 6,270 players enter into the $215 NLHE tournament, which yet again completely overhauled the $1million prize pool guarantee that PokerStars place on the event. The actual prize pool was calculated at $1,254,000 with 900 of the players able to claim some kind of reward.

PokerStars Team Pro Out In Force

As usual the team pro guys were there in large numbers, this week saw the likes of Liv Boeree (387th), George Lind (888th) and Matthias Mulder (248th). Of all of them though, Kevin Thurman aka WizardOfAhhs was performing exceptionally and he even made the final table…more on that a little later.

Play in the PokerStars Sunday Million was getting on and play went a long way past the 10th hour, a lot of this was actually spent while just 11 players battled it out to get onto that final table. Hand for hand finally happened with the eviction of xredschix before FireFaux duly followed after the 30 minute break.

The Final Table Was:

Pi$toL_789 (1,450,779 in chips)

galaxyseven (3,572,170 in chips)

ynd! (7,767,125 in chips)

vladobu6i (23,132,608 in chips)

jjthomas1212 (11,820,744 in chips)

kinglune (4,291,356 in chips)

WizardOfAhhs (5,637,565 in chips)

ZISIMO7 (2,550,070 in chips)

4better (2,477,583 in chips)

The first to go home from the final table was ZISIMO7 who lost out to 4better and went home with a nice $9,718,50. The next one to the rail was Pi$tol_789 who was busted by an AK versus his KJ, Galaxyseven being the one to inflict the damage, $15,048,00 would surely have sweetened the blow though.

Team Online player WizardOfAhhs was to go in seventh taking a healthy $27,588,00, having played superbly in this event. This left just six players with no outstanding chip leader at the time so they all decided to try and make some kind of deal.

After discussions went on for nearly an hour they came to a conclusion that they would play for a remaining $26,000,00 prize after agreeing on this chop:

Seat 2: galaxyseven (9,580,214 in chips) = $95,629.30

Seat 3: ynd! (6,005,525 in chips) = $80,558.09

Seat 4: vladobu6i (22,112,006 in chips) = $127,358.82

Seat 5: jjthomas1212 (15,297,742 in chips) = $113,448.05

Seat 6: kinglune (5,581,377 in chips) = $77,277.89

Seat 9: 4better (4,123,136 in chips) = $73,622.25

As you can imagine, after the chop it didn’t take long for players to go, and before long we were down to just two…valdobui61 and Kinglune. Vladobu6i held almost 3 times the stack of his opponent and after a bit of a struggle between the two he eventually walked away with the title and $153,358,82.